Tour of Columbus // Pure Barre, Dublin

Pure Barre | Dublin

Although I’ve heard great things and have a friend who is a PB instructor, the $23 drop in rate was keeping me away – we love running, which is free, you know!  Thanks to Class Pass, I was definitely glad we got to test it out.

Pure Barre Dublin is located in a strip all off Sawmill Rd, conveniently located about 10 minutes from my house. When the weather warms up, we could ambitiously run there?!

IMG_7938  IMG_7928  IMG_7940

The workout was about an hour long & regular attenders are encouraged to wear “grip” socks – PB sells their own, of course. For this particular class, we were instructed to get a mat, ball & band.


What I liked:

  • the pulsing is definitely going to make your lower body burn! With regular attendance, I’m sure you would tighten up those hard-to-tone lower body areas… or as they say, “lift, tone, burn!”
  • low impact – there were several pregnant mommas in the class.
  • definitely different than our normal run+yoga routine – we love new workouts and mixing things up!

IMG_7932 IMG_7939

Overall, we had a fun time together & of course, got some pictures. As a busy working mom with a hectic schedule, I probably won’t make it here often just because I have to be “smart” with my time and need a little bit more “sweating” to happen. I’m a cardio junkie, hence, the running group! But it was a great lower body workout and I am sure I’ll be sore tomorrow!

More barre…

We’ve also taken classes with Rachel Wilson around Columbus at PAI Yoga & Fitness and Bend Active.  Her barre-OM method combines her passion for yoga & barre and will get you sweating & shaking! Check out our earlier interview with Rachel HERE.


Rachel & Teresa at PAI Yoga & Fitness, Dublin




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