Five ways we stay FIT during winter

After browsing for a bit, and wishing we could magically transport our entire running group to a beachy tropical island, we got to thinking… how do we stay ‘healthy’ in the winter?  Are there tips we could share with others trapped in this abyss of snow?  In the spring, summer & fall we stay healthy and fit, seemingly running & POGA-ing all over Columbus.  Come Thanksgiving, however, a lot of folks begin hibernation [single digits, negative windchills, a FOOT of snow?!]  Whether the air is too frigid or the trails are covered in snow and ice, we often have to find other means of staying healthy during these cold winter months.

Here are FIVE ways we stay fit during winter…

1.  Fitness Challenges.  We participate in our annual Living Fit Columbus Winter Challenge as well as   IMG_9027various [yoga] Instagram challenges.  Just today we played a little #stopdropandsnoga!  Weekly or monthly health related activities include nutrition, exercise, social support and community connections.  The group camaraderie along with shout outs and prizes from local businesses go a long way in helping us stay motivated through the cold months.

2.  Hydration, hydration, hydration!  Between hours of hot yoga & the dry-your-skin-and-everything-else-out air, hydration in the winter is essential.  As Aloha says, “Everything we put into our bodies should bring us a step closer to better health” ~ and we agree!  Juicing, protein smoothies [try Aloha’s recipes!] and lots of water are super important.  We use the ‘half your body weight in ounces’ rule, but the more water-based fluids you can consume, the better.

3.  Hot Yoga.  When it’s a balmy 6 degrees outside, who wouldn’t want to be sweating in a 90+ degree room? We love a hot & sweaty, toxin-flushing, fat-burning vinyasa yoga session! Yoga is a great compliment to our running routine and has many other benefits for your body, mind and spirit.

4. Indoor workouts.  When in doubt, treadmill it out!  Sometimes the weather just won’t allow you to run outside.  So mix it up [check out our music interval idea] and make a date with your treadmill.

5. FIT book club.  Since it gets dark too early to do group runs on Thursday nights, we created a fit book club for the winter months.  We are currently reading The Running Dream and try to keep topics related to overall mind+body, including running, health, overcoming adversity, empowerment and more.  We share healthy snacks and great conversations about the book and any upcoming fitness events.

Although we look forward to sunshine, warmer days and returning to the park for runs & POGA events (pop up yoga in the park!), we will remain healthy and happy with our winter fitness plan.  That’s the ALOHA way!



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