Tour of Columbus [The Butcher Shop Fitness]

We first visited The Butcher Shop Fitness back in January when we were testing out our Class Pass.  Rachel Wilson had told us about it during our interview with her and Class Pass highly recommended it.  On one visit we tried Lagree Fitness and on another visit, a few girls took the spin class.  We were impressed!  Very challenging workouts, a clean facility and welcoming staff. IMG_8223

IMG_8218“The Science of Lagree Fitness” explains benefits of the Megaformer class including

muscle tension, progressive overloading, cardio and more

IMG_8216Too focused on form to smile… but did enjoy it!


We were excited to take another visit with our Living Fit run crew a few weekends ago, this time with Rachel as our instructor. The Lagree Fitness class uses the Megaformer machine and has been referred to as ‘Pilates on Crack.’ You utilize a slow, controlled movement and WILL shake & burn!

Their website explains the workout as follows; Our Butcher Shop Group Class is a 50 minutes of Lagree Fitness, a high energy, body transforming workout. The class incorporates strength training, cardio, core strengthening, stretching and endurance. Butcher Shop Group Classes are all-inclusive classes meant to be a one-stop solution replacing the cardio elements of your workout in addition to the muscle building elements. Our classes are dedicated to creating long lean muscles increasing endurance and flexibility.

Here’s a photo recap…



Instructor Rachel, giving the girls hands-on instruction and correction




Aggie striking a pose after class


Team Living Fit Columbus with Lagree instructor, Rachel Wilson

Rachel is a great instructor, providing hands on correction, visual examples & easy-to-understand explanations.  Equally as important is her upbeat encouraging vibe, great music selection and willingness to pose for post-sweat group photos. 🙂 We’ve also taken several of her barre-OM classes in which she uniquely combines her love of barre and yoga.

The Butcher Shop is definitely a good place to check out if you want to challenge your body with something new!  The classes are a change from our norm of running and yoga, which is always a good thing for your fitness routine.

Other details:

  • Location ~ German Village  IMG_8217
  • Cost ~ Drop in Lagree Fitness classes are normally $23, but first-timers can test it out for only $10.  Bulk Class Pass, Monthly Memberships and more are available.  Spin classes & passes can also be purchased separately.
  • Need to bring ~ if doing the Lagree class, you’ll need non-slip “grip” socks, although they do have loaners
  • Parking ~ plenty of onsite parking

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