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I met up with Amy Crandall last week for a cup o’ Joe at our local Winans coffee shop.  She truly inspires me on so many levels and is an uh-mazing person!  Fit.  Positive.  Real.  Absolutely beautiful. And one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  Not to mention that she blogs, does photography and drinks coffee.  She is pretty much my soul mate!

Expertise [Bio]:  Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 12.44.28 AM

Although her degree and post-college experience was in photography, Amy is now typically on the other side of the camera.  She has done modeling for numerous companies, many local, including Bend Active, Thread, Capital Style, Bohindi, The Blowout Bar and more.  Her modeling career happened very organically as her positive attitude & open [creative] mind showed her the various facets that life has to offer.

Looking and feeling good doesn’t just happen, she works for it!  Amy has earned several fitness certifications including yoga, personal training and pilates.   She is a personal trainer and class instructor at PEAK Human Performance in Dublin as well as the creator of a fitness website and blog, Active Body, Creative Mind.  She is excited to soon be launching an online personal training component to Active Body, Creative Mind. The training  will pilot as a complimentary two week shape up plan that will include nutrition, training and well-being advice.

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Amy was an open book during our chat, sharing many of her fitness tips and routines…

Motivation for Living Fit?

“Aging gracefully!”  Amy has clients in their 70s that still exercise, proof that taking care of yourself will help you remain youthful & healthy.  Fitness allows you to feel good, confident, peaceful, happy.  The more surface level accomplishments [for instance, body & physique]  will follow!

Best fitness accomplishment?

Her team just finished leading the first 8 week challenge at PEAK.  The two month journey not only connected people, it also helped them achieve and notice results ~ emotional, physical & mental ~ from weight loss to cultivating healthy habits.

Typical workout routine?  

“I love to lift weights – it will transform your body!”  Amy lifts twice a week, doing a whole body routine and jumping rope between sets.  This serves as her cardio [although I’ll keep trying to get her to join us for a group run sometime]!  She also does pilates once per week and tries to squeeze in a yoga session when she can.

Amy leads an extremely active lifestyle and in addition to her workouts,  enjoys hiking, walking and acroyoga. Dates with her main squeeze often include a workout, such as spending Valentine’s Day at The Butcher Shop in German Village and their recent trip to SnowShoe for Wanderlust.

Oh, and she foam rolls & stretches.  Every day.

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Typical Diet or Nutrition Plan?

Amy is a creature of habit & has similar foods at each meal.  A sample day may look something like this…

  • Breakfast – Ezekial bread, almond butter, banana, apple, chia seeds [healthy fat & good for runners]
  • Lunch – two scrambled eggs & lots of veggies, cooked with coconut oil
  • Dinner – Protein [chicken, ground turkey] veggies, healthy fat or carb
  • She also typically eats ½ avocado per day to get her healthy fat and limits dairy

Some of Amy’s favorite things…

  • Favorite FIT place around Columbus:  Peak Human Performance!  

Known for their athletic performance enhancement, she loves [and teaches] the Fitmix class & Pilates.  PEAK provides “Smart Training” – an assessment of what your body really needs.

  • Favorite cheat food:  TimTam Australian cookie with tea and other treats; allows herself to indulge now and then!
  • Coffee drink:  French pressed coffee with cream and raw sugar.  Her daily dose of half & half is about the only dairy she really consumes!

Any advice for others on their journey to get or stay FIT?  “Create healthy habits.  Be patient with yourself, and allow the time your body needs to adjust.”

Was blessed to have spent some coffee time with this amazing lady.  Can’t wait to see her out on the fitness scene in Cbus!



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