Five ways to spark your love affair with running

On our group run this AM, several of our runners were discussing our lack-luster performances this summer.  Sure, we log some miles here and there, head to a yoga class now and then… but the spring workouts of speed training, hill running, fartleks & double digit miles seem to be a thing of the past.  Blame it on the rain [remember that song?], the heat, humidity, travels for family vacations… the list goes on! So what can we do to get our rears in gear?

1. Group accountability.  For us, the group keeps us going.  Some days there are 10+ of us, and some days only 3 or 4.  But having set runs [typically Thursdays @ 6:30PM and Saturdays @ 8:30AM in Summer] and the opportunity to always have a running buddy, keep many of us committed to showing up at least a few times each month.  So if you haven’t already, consider joining a local running group [preferably ours!] to chat away the miles.

2.  Register!  For many runners, signing up for a race is just the motivation you need to get yourself going.  For some if might be the cost commitment and others the training schedule, but having that end goal will help keep you committed.  We have a few runners participating in the Ohio State Tri-Fit Challenge tomorrow as well as upcoming races including…

Others we’ve discussed are the Buckeye Classic 10K, Hot Chocolate Run and Run Like a Girl.

3.  Write it down.  Keeping a training log ~ pen and paper, a race training schedule or even a computer-based system ~ is like seeing your goals and accomplishments mapped out in front of you.  A few blank days in a row will motivate you to get back to it.  Plus you can track your progress, calculate total weekly mileage [or mat time or whatever!] and more.  A favorite is the Lauren Fleshman Believe Training Journal, but any old notepad or spreadsheet will do just fine!

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 1.36.48 PM

4.  Unplug and just go run!  Sometimes leaving the Garmin at home is a liberating way to fall in love with running again.  If you’re feeling really crazy, leave the headphones at home too and just take it all in.  Don’t worry about your pace, your distance, your performance… just run for joy!


5.  Take your camera phone, try a new route and literally stop to smell the roses.  Running the same trail over and over can become mundane, so its easy to just blow it off.  But if you try a new route and consider it an adventure, it can be a lot more interesting!  Stop when you see something beautiful and snap a photo for your IG.

Hope this gets you excited to go RUN!  See you on the trails!

Not a runner?  Check out our previous post, Top Ten Reasons to Run! or our page for beginning runners.  Maybe you’ll change your mind!  🙂

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