Kick that cold in the a#s!!!

Recovering quickly from the seasonal cold [and other icky stuff] 

We are not doctors.  Not even close.  But we like to think we are all healthy, active people so our advice is worth something, isn’t it?  Even if you eat right, sleep right, exercise, wash your hands… you’re probably still going to get sick at some point.  And being that it’s cold & flu season, several of our running gals have been ‘down for the count’ lately.

Taking care of yourself during those first few days can have a major impact on how quickly your body recovers from an illness.  Here is what WE do when the nasty [insert germ title here] takes over.

R&R.  Its hard for some fitness lovers to pump the breaks, but SLLLLOOOOOWW down for a bit.  Get more rest.  Go to bed early.  Take a break from your training routine.  A few days of missed runs is not going to hurt you in the long run, but pushing through it (meanwhile choking up a storm during your workout) will likely just prolong the illness.  Use your cold as an excuse to rest & relax!

Fluids.  Duh.  We all know you’re supposed to increase your water content when you’re ill, but what about juicing!?  “For a cold, I try to avoid OTC medication & treat myself with rest & fluids… I love cold pressed juices, especially the ‘Zinger’ from Native which is apple, ginger & lemon,” raves one of our runners. “Other than that, I treat myself to a big bottle of water (like Smart Water) that feels fancy and keeps me a little more inspired to keep drinking fluids. I’ll also drink a ton of hot water with lemon slices.”  We stopped to check out the new Zest Juice Co. in Dublin this week and one of the owners chatted with us for a few minutes.  Even though some cold-pressed juice labels warn ‘persons with weakened immune systems’ we verified that didn’t apply to the common cold.  If you’ve just got some sniffles and a cough, then chug up!!  We also confirmed from various sources (Zest owner and even a few OBs) that even though the labels mention pasteurization, these juices are safe during pregnancy as well.  Yippee!  IMG_5692.JPG

Homeopathic Remedies.  Oils are big these days, so no surprise that many fitness lovers choose this natural route.  One runner stated, “I’m really into oils for helping our colds. I’ve been using Doterra oils for about a year and we’ve been relatively healthy!  Currently, I am diffusing OnGuard and Lavender for immune function and calming (in the Petal Diffuser); as well as rubbing on blends of lemon, lime & melaleuca oils on our glands and behind our ears if we are feeling a bit under the weather.”  

Petal Diffuser - Large.jpg

Extra Vitamins.  Several of us stock up on extra nutrients including OJ (pulp-free, of course) & Vitamin C.  And if you’re not already taking a multi-vitamin, now would be a good time to start!  Some of our favs are below.


Those were our runners’ common cold-fighting tips and should be enough to get you over your next one quickly.  So skip the Sudafed, hit the hay and feel better soon!  

Image credits to the company websites referenced above. 

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