What can YOU do in 6 weeks?

That is the question for two of our Living Fit Run Club regulars, who are participating in Orangetheory Fitness Columbus’ 6-week Weight Loss Challenge, starting today.  For both Peggy and Jennifer, motivation has been lacking lately (more on that to come), so this challenge seemed like the perfect way to jump start the new year toward their personal FIT goals.

The challenge itself is pretty simple: you must attend at least 3 sessions per week at your Orangetheory home studio and weigh-in at the studio both at the beginning and at the end of the challenge.  You cannot attend more than one OTF session per day, but you are free to engage in other exercise.  The Grand Prize is $1,000, and a male and female prize of $250 for each Columbus studio (Dublin, Hilliard and New Albany).

Let’s meet our runners & recap their goals… 

Get to know Jennifer:

Jennifer and her husband Andre live in Dublin with their two children, Cole (5) and Claire (3).  She is a Columbus native and works at the Ohio Supreme Court as an attorney with Disciplinary Counsel.  When Jennifer is not working or trying to keep up with her kids’ activities, she loves all things outdoors.  Jennifer has been an OTF Dublin regular since her first visit in August 2014; however, for the last six months she has not been attending sessions as much as she would like.  Jennifer’s 2016 FIT goals include 3 duathlons this summer and the Detroit International Half Marathon in October.

Jennifer’s FIT goals:

  • Partipate in OTF Dublin’s 6-week Weight Loss Challenge
  • Lose 25 pounds
  • Get back into a regular FIT routine that includes healthy food choices, OTF, hot yoga and running


Jennifer (on right) enjoys running, yoga, biking and various other fit activities


Get to know Peggy:

Peggy is an almost 59 yr old mother and grandmother.  Her daughter, Teresa Gellenbeck, encouraged her to become a member of the Living Fit Run Club and also introduced her to Orangetheory.  She has attended OTF Dublin twice previously and enjoyed the crazy, challenging workouts.  After becoming too sedentary over the past several months, Peggy has joined the OTF challenge and will be attending sessions at least 3 times per week, eating clean, giving up alcohol and preparing for whatever run/walks in which Living Fit may be participating.

We’ve featured Peggy previously in a post, Featured Success Stories – Fitness After 50.

Peggy’s FIT goals:

  • Participate in OTF Hilliard’s 6-week Weight Loss Challenge
  • Lose 12 pounds
  • Firm and tone (especially my saddlebags!) to feel & look better
  • Regain and maintain the Living Fit lifestyle


Peggy enjoys run/walking, light weight lifting & exercising for a cause!  Pictured here, she completed the Cap City Half wearing this Pack H20 backpack.  

Peggy and Jennifer will check in with us on their OTF Challenge journey, so stay tuned.  We will be blogging, posting updates on social media & sharing their before and after photos [at the conclusion of the challenge].

Good luck ladies!

Want to learn more about OTF? Check out this article from The New York Times about what makes the Orangetheory workout so unique: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/03/nyregion/orangetheory-workout-new-years-resolution-fitness.html?_r=1

OTF challege


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