Sweat Local Columbus Event

We had a great time last Saturday morning at the Sweat Local Columbus 5K & fitness expo.  Many of our local favorites were in attendance and there were plenty of opportunities to ‘get your sweat on!’  Thanks to Kelly and all those who helped put on this event.  We hope to see all of you as we continue our Tour of Columbus!    Living Fit Columbus-1Living Fit Columbus-2Living Fit Columbus-3Living Fit Columbus-4Living Fit Columbus-5Living Fit Columbus-6Living Fit Columbus-7Living Fit Columbus-8Living Fit Columbus-9Living Fit Columbus-10Living Fit Columbus-11Living Fit Columbus-12Living Fit Columbus-13Living Fit Columbus-14Living Fit Columbus-15Living Fit Columbus-16Living Fit Columbus-17Living Fit Columbus-18Living Fit Columbus-19Living Fit Columbus-25Living Fit Columbus-20Living Fit Columbus-21Living Fit Columbus-22

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