The Road to Cap City… and a GIVEAWAY entry!

We are SO excited to be preparing for our fifth year of Cap City Half Marathon events! This is always a great weekend and you can view many of our recaps on our M3S Sports page. In collaboration with some running friends and a few local studios, we’ve developed a 12 week ROAD TO CAP CITY training challenge, which focuses on mixing things up and having some fun! We certainly hope you’ll join us!

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Click here for a printable version! –> 2019 training – road to cap city challenge printable

Weekly meet ups, events & community partners 

Although we have lots of places around Columbus we like to visit for a great sweat (see our Tour of Columbus page) some were love at first sight. We’ve partnered with three local favs during our challenge to bring you some special meet ups & keep your training fresh and in balance…

Barre3, Powell 

  • Owner: Suzy Mihocik
  • Perfect for: cross training, helping lengthen, strengthen & balance muscles that don’t get used as much during distance running – so much of the movement incorporated into these classes are exercises our Physical Therapists have recommended for runners!
  • Road to Cap City meet ups & events: Join us for our Barre3 + Runners community class on Wednesday, February 27th at 5:45PM. Use promo code RUNB3 and join us for FREE! Suzy will also be offering a special discounted 5 class pass so you can join us for more drop in classes on our Road to Cap City.

RISE Fitness Community, Upper Arlington 

  • Owners: Michelle Flemming & Jessica Kopp
  • Perfect for: speed & hill work (in the RRC classes), cross & strength training and getting in a push-your-limits, fat-burning cardio workout. Both owners and many of the trainers are certified run coaches and distance runners, providing crazy amounts of experience and knowledge to help you stay injury free, fall in love with running, set a new PR or whatever your goals may be!
  • Road to Cap City meet ups & events: Join us for their Rise Run Club Marathon/Half Marathon Training Kick-off Meeting on Friday, February 1st at 6:30PM. We’ll also be dropping in for weekly RRC and HIIT classes – including the RRC Power 7PM class on Wed Feb 13 –  as well as at least one outdoor group long run on Saturday mornings.

Harbor Yoga, Dublin

  • Owners: Angie O’ Brien & Heidi Bell
  • Perfect for: those that like their yoga HOT, upbeat and fast! Harbor’s cardio yoga will get your heart pumping. Start with a Level 1 class if you’re new to yoga. They do offer a slow flow on Sundays, a great recovery activity the day after your long run!
  • Road to Cap City meet ups & events: We will be attending a few drop in classes during our training (check in with us for a a special Road to Cap City discounted drop in rate!) as well as promoting Harbor’s donation based class on Friday, Feb 15 for the Wesley Grace Foundation for adoption.

Other groups we plan to meet up with include Rocky Fork Run Crew (helping coordinate our Cap City Kickoff Run+Social at Land Grant on Sun, Feb 3), Columbus Running Co, Fleet Feet/MIT training groups, MRTT & more!

Weekly workout schedule

Our weekly training is based on previous training schedules and races we’ve completed. What worked, and what didn’t. Collectively (there are three of us putting together this 12 week plan) we’ve run over 25 half and 5 full marathons – so although we don’t claim to be “experts” we have been through this a few times! 🙂 We aim to get in at least three runs per week; a regular run, a “push” or tempo run and a long, slow run. Our long runs climb one mile per week with a drop back week the weekend before race day. We believe that a well balanced training plan that has a mix of workouts will get you to the finish line healthy, injury free and ready to go!

*Disclaimer: always consult your doctor before starting any new exercise program  

Wait… did you say giveaway!? 

Yes, we are giving away two complimentary registrations to the Capital City Half Marathon events! Participants can enter up to FIVE entries, see below for details.

  • 1 entry –> Attend RISE Run Club Kick-off Meeting Friday, Feb 1st
  • 1 entry –> Attend our Cap City Kick-off RUN+SOCIAL at LandGrant Sunday, Feb 3rd at 1PM in conjunction with Rocky Fork Running Club
  • 1 entry –> Participate in the M3S Ohio Health CBJ 5th Line 5K, Saturday, Feb (post a pic to Instagram and tag us @LivingFitColumbus or email us with CAP CITY ENTRY in the subject line)
  • 1 entry –> Attend our Wed Workout on Feb 13th @7PM at RISE Fitness
  • 1 entry –> Instagram 2/13 Inspiration Challenge! Follow @M3SSports @LivingFitColumbus and @CapCityHalf on Instagram. Then post a picture (story or grid) that shows how you are preparing for  “The Road to Cap City” and inspires others to be fit! It could be from a recent run, your favorite cross training activity or fitness studio, how much water you drink, your go-to rest day or self care tips… just be sure to tag us and if possible, use the #LivingFitColumbus hashtag. You have 24 hours so post by 8:30AM on 2/14!

Giveaway will be separated into two categories; Living Fit Columbus regular runners & the general Cbus 6run4 community. Winners will be announced on Thursday, February 14th – Happy Valentine’s Day! 😉 Or if you aren’t doing the giveaway  – use discount code LIVINGFITCOLUMBUS for $10 off your Cap City event registration! 

We look forward to training & “challenging” ourselves with the Columbus running community this spring. See you on the trails – or rather, the road to Cap City! 🙂


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