Coaches & Running: How to Motivate Student Athletes… and Yourself!

[Guest Blogger: s palmer]

A lot of the why behind reasons people don’t run or exercise comes back to lack of motivation. It’s typical, especially when we could be sitting on the couch and watching TV. But there are some things to consider, like your health that can be a factor in how long you live.

My honors bio teacher, Jessica Timmons, happens to be a fellow runner. Her favorite distances as of late are the 5K/10K and one of her most memorable races was the Miami Half Marathon.  She gave me some helpful tips throughout the year that actually inspired me to get healthy and exercise. “The number one thing that is important is to remember that you will feel better after you work out” Timmons has said. “Even if you’re lazy and tired and don’t feel like it; just take the first step and run a little bit. You’ll feel better after, and taking one step in the right direction is better than two steps back.”

Another suggestion was to eat only one meat a day. Since meat is higher up on the food chain, it doesn’t have as much energy as the lower foods; such as vegetables, grains and fruits. (A valuable lesson I learned in class) – So keeping this in mind will help you target what you want to eat, and how you should be exercising. If you feel like you’re still hungry just continue eating some more filling veggies so that you don’t feel tired.

Hope these tips help a bit!

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