Coaches & Running: How to Motivate Student Athletes… and Yourself!

[Guest Blogger: s palmer]

A lot of the why behind reasons people don’t run or exercise comes back to lack of motivation. It’s typical, especially when we could be sitting on the couch and watching TV. But there are some things to consider, like your health that can be a factor in how long you live.

My honors bio teacher, Jessica Timmons, happens to be a fellow runner. Her favorite distances as of late are the 5K/10K and one of her most memorable races was the Miami Half Marathon.  She gave me some helpful tips throughout the year that actually inspired me to get healthy and exercise. “The number one thing that is important is to remember that you will feel better after you work out” Timmons has said. “Even if you’re lazy and tired and don’t feel like it; just take the first step and run a little bit. You’ll feel better after, and taking one step in the right direction is better than two steps back.”

Another suggestion was to eat only one meat a day. Since meat is higher up on the food chain, it doesn’t have as much energy as the lower foods; such as vegetables, grains and fruits. (A valuable lesson I learned in class) – So keeping this in mind will help you target what you want to eat, and how you should be exercising. If you feel like you’re still hungry just continue eating some more filling veggies so that you don’t feel tired.

Hope these tips help a bit!

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Spice Up Your Spring

Guest Blogger [S. Palmer]

What’s a better time to start getting fit and eating healthy again, than springtime? The season shifts and we start cleaning up our closets. Why not clean up our eating and exercising habits as well! There’s a couple things that you can do of course, but here are some tips to get back into the swing of things – or if you’ve been staying strong through out the winter season, some tips to spice things up.

  1. Treat yourself to something new!

Go to a new juice place or grab a smoothie after a workout. Buy ingredients for a healthy recipe, or go buy new workout clothes that’ll make you feel great. Do something to get you out of the rut that you are in or just because you deserve it!

  1. Get inspired

Whether it’s Pinterest, Instagram or Tumblr, it doesn’t hurt to search inspirational quotes to encourage you! You could make it your phone background, or print it out and do some DIY framing and put it in a place that you’ll always see it.

  1. Find a  running or workout buddy & head outside

Head outside to find some new scenery & grab a friend for double the fun! This could help motivate you, encourage them, and make the workout [running, walking or however you sweat] a lot more enjoyable.  Maybe you even consider signing up for a race?  A new state?  A new distance?  Break out of your comfort zone!

Dublin 5K-40

These are just some quick and easy fixes for anyone who’s trying to break out of a winter rut or spice up their spring fitness regime!  Do YOU have any ideas for breaking free from the winter blahs?


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Will the cold ever pass?

I am an outdoor runner. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great relationship with my treadmill and after 10 years, it is still going strong. But I MUCH prefer to be out in the sunshine! The wind in your hair, the new paths to explore… such a nice change from the (what some would call) dreadmill. I typically don’t mind running in cold weather and just layer up accordingly.

But COME ON WINTER! You are KILLING me! Even my warmest layers cannot compete with the subzero temperatures we have been having around here. Hot Yoga has been wonderful (if you haven’t checked out Harbor Yoga studios in Dublin, you are missing out!), but this girl is ready for Spring.

I am going to have to get creative, as we are in for another week of negative temps.  Update running playlist.  Check.  Hang motivational posters on wall near treadmill.  Check.  Hi ho, hi ho, off to the treadmill we go!

Do you prefer treadmill running or outdoor running?