1/21 ~ Day ONE of a 21 day JUMP START Fitness Challenge!

Whitney Carlson’s 21 Day Jump Start Fitness Challenge… & Teresa’s Weight Loss Journey

So even fitness lovers like myself need a little JUMP START every now and then!

A few Living Fit members are participating in a 21 day jump start challenge by the one and only Whitney Carlson.  We found her online a few months ago when looking for clean recipes… her sister site, HeandSheEatClean.com has some amazing recipes and tells her story from ‘Regular Whitney’ to ‘Fitness-loving [modeling, blogging, personal-training] Whitney!’

The program starts with TLS Weight Loss Solutions‘ SEVEN DAY DETOX.

Today is day one!  For SEVEN DAYS you eat fruits and vegetables ONLY (along with the TLS supplements) as your body cleanses itself of all its toxins.  This is for health, but also fat-burning benefits!

This was dinner tonight…

IMG_4451 IMG_4453

Lots o’ veggies and veggie stuffed portabellas.

The program also includes a private FaceBook support group, workout plans, meal plans and most importantly, MOTIVATION & ACCOUNTABILITY!

Here is why I personally chose to pursue this 21 day jump start…


Teresa’s Personal Weight Loss Journey ~

Goal to accomplish accomplished!:  lose those last stubborn [10] pounds post-baby

My story: It has taken me ONE FULL YEAR to lose my baby weight.  I have a handsome, healthy one year old to show for it, and zero regrets for taking it slow.  However, recently I decided it was finally time to lose those last few pounds and get back into running, fitness, clean eating and SLEEP!

I am 5’7 and typically fluctuate between 135-140 pounds.  I never used to openly discuss my weight, but if others can gain inspiration from my weight-loss story, then I’m willing to share!

I was down to 125 pds on our wedding day in 2011, but looking back, I was too thin and looked HUNGRY 🙂   After the wedding I went back to my ‘normal’ routine of eating, running, cross-training (and enjoying the occasional ice cream cone or chocolate truffle… rare treats when I was in wedding mode!).

Before my pregnancy in 2012, I weighed just under 140 pounds.  A healthy, FIT weight and lifestyle.  This was a photo taken shortly after finding out we were pregnant…


We are pregnant!

I  ran until the baby was 32 weeks and then slowly tapered off to not doing much the last 6 weeks; holidays, cold weather, treadmill in storage, bought a house… too many excuses to not continue exercising!  I gained 40+ pounds total and topped out at 182 pds the week JP was born.


38 weeks!  Last pregnant picture… gained 40 pounds! 


Joseph Parker stole our hearts on January 24, 2013.  Best day of our lives!

After JP was born, the first 20 pounds came right off and I figured since I was nursing, the weight loss would continue.  After 8 weeks (and doctor’s clearance), I began jogging, but was cautious to not exert too much energy as I was still nursing and didn’t want to impact my milk supply.

By that Easter, however, I had still not lost any more weight!  JP was already three months old and I’d only lost half of my baby weight.  I saw this photo of myself and realized I needed to take better care of my body…


Easter 2013, 20 pounds to go!

In late April of 2013, I had focused on my baby and milk supply solely for three months and began to start working a bit more on my own health and weight.  I joined Weight Watchers, started eating cleaner and trying to work out more (at this point, I had only worked up to running one mile, then walking).  Exercise was difficult, I’ll admit… working full time, caring for an infant and getting NO sleep!

Over the next 8-10 weeks, I lost another 10 pounds and by summer 2013, was feeling good about my accomplishments.


May 2013 ~ 15 pounds to go…

I decided not to worry about the last 10+ pounds and just enjoy my life with my family and my amazing 6 month old son.


August 2013 ~ 10 pounds to go…


January 2014 brought JPs first birthday.  For one full year, I’d committed myself to him… not sleeping well, not exercising as much as I needed to…

  • One, my milk supply was affected if I exerted too much energy sweating – in hindsight, I could have probably just hydrated more, but I was already drinking close to 75 ounces per day of fluids!
  • Two, I wasn’t sleeping well so I was always too tired to exercise anyhow!  JP nursed exclusively for 11.5 months and was up every 3-4 hours almost EVERY SINGLE NIGHT

Here is a [low quality, sorry] photo from JP’s first birthday party that made me realize it was time to start working on those last 10 pounds…


Jan 2014 ~ HAPPY, but about 10 pounds away from HEALTHY!

March 2014 – I have lost 7 (yes SEVEN!) pounds since JPs birthday by EATING CLEAN, beginning to train for the CAP CITY HALF and incorporating new workouts like interval training and yoga into my exercise routine.

I hope to lose a few more  doing Whitney’s 21 day plan (detox, clean eating, new workouts designed by Whitney). Not everything in fitness should be about weight loss, but I’d personally like to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight once & for all.  Once I see 140 (or lower!) I will be doing a HAPPY DANCE!  And maybe, instead of celebrating with chocolate, I’ll celebrate with a new pair of skinny jeans 🙂

Check back soon to see how we do!

“My body, like my life, is a work in progress!”  ~ Jessica Simpson, Weight Watchers spokes-momma

Here’s to LOSING weight while GAINING confidence and an even happier, healthier, FIT life!  Cheers!

Update [April 2014]

After following Whitney Carlson’s 21 Day Jump Start Fitness Challenge, I FINALLY lost the last few pounds and got down to my pre-pregnancy weight.  From JPs 1st birthday on Jan 24, 2014  (photo above) to our Spring Break vacation in Mexico on March 30, 2014 (below) Joey lost 15 pounds and I lost 12!  Joey somehow gained weight during my pregnancy as well, although I hear this is common. 🙂

I’ll spare you from bikini selfies, but here is a family photo from our vacation…

A quick one with the boys

A quick pic with the boys

I was also announced as the winner of Whitney’s 21 Day Fitness Jumpstart Challenge!  I cropped my ‘after’ photo below so you didn’t have to be subjected to my ‘ab shot’ ~ but this is a good angle showing how challenging it can be to find time for fitness when you have a little one.

Make time for yourself and know that a healthy, fit momma = more energy for chasing around that toddler!  

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 9.50.55 PM

Jump Start-2 2

So now…

Here’s to MAINTAINING weight, while gaining strength and speed for a new PR.  

See you on the trails! 


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