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Fitness goals for 2019

Happy New Year! It’s that time of year when most of us start reflecting back on the previous 12 months, all that you’ve accomplished, the memories you made and possibly, the things you wanted to do… but didn’t quite get to.

Some of my favorite 2018 fitness memories include running in over 10 cities, completing my 18th half marathon, hiking the Smoky & Rocky Mountains and finishing a two mile race with my 5 year old (hoping for a 5K in 2019!)

screen shot 2019-01-06 at 10.36.01 pm

Most of my frustrating moments involved an ongoing injury and at least temporarily, postponing PR & bucket list goals. Thankful for medical professionals (think doctors, PTs and chiropractors) and emotional support from family and running buddies. ūüôā

Then as the new year rolls in, we start looking forward on all we hope to accomplish. Perhaps you’re cleaning out closets & drawers – have you seen the series, “Tidying Up?!”¬†Maybe you’re planning to spend more time on discovering your passions or reading (Girl, Wash Your Face!) or making a travel bucket list & budget. Or if you’re a distance runner, you’re likely choosing races and training schedules.

What are your 2019 goals?

Do you have a short list or long one?

Image may contain: Teresa Burris Gellenbeck, smiling

Here are some we’ve thrown around on recent group runs.

  • Stay healthy and run for fun – although racing and training are great, listening to your body and knowing when to “go easy” is just as important
  • Do more yoga, barre and cross training – a stronger body can help prevent injury & help you run faster
  • Attend a variety of group runs¬† – new routes and new friends!
  • Try a new workout or local studio – we recently visited and loved the new Shred 415 in Dublin and plan to check out many more in 2019! Visit our Tour of Columbus area to see some of our favorites over the years.
  • Try a new race, event or new destination – we are planning to do the Flying Pig 10K as a girls’ destination weekend… maybe another?
  • Register for an “old favorite” – we are running Cap City again this April and can’t wait! Stay tuned for our¬†2019 Road to Cap City Training Challenge and details regarding kick off events. And if you haven’t yet registered, use our Cap City discount code LIVINGFITCOLUMBUS for $10 off your registration!

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Check out some of our previous posts related to fitness & wellness Goal Setting and if you’re a momma, take a minute to read Rachel Hollis’s post “How to Have a Dream and Be a Parent.”¬† ¬†You’ll be left feeling inspired and ready to tackle the new year.

Image result for rachel hollis write your goals downGood luck working towards your 2019 goals & dreams! 

My race is over… now what?

Your big event is over. Maybe it was a vacation you long awaited. Maybe you planned a wedding for the last 14 months (the average length of an engagement). Or maybe, in this case, that big race you trained for 3-4 months has come and gone.

I’ve always liked having things on my calendar to look forward to. Planning for them. Anticipating them. Adding and checking things off the to-do list. A race is no different. I choose an event, then a training plan. I make time in my schedule. I train and record – what worked and what didn’t – in my training log. I work my butt off (well, not literally). I show up race morning with anxiety & nervous energy. I have fun and do my best.

And then, just like that, its over.

So now what?

After the Cap City Half last Saturday, I enjoyed a beautiful Sunday relaxing with family, reminiscing through my iPhone gallery and browsing all the race photos filling my Instagram feed. Recap on that, coming soon!

Then Monday came and I was like, “So… what’s next?”

We have a few smaller races on the calendar, some family vacations planned (woohoo!) and an upcoming wedding for some dear friends… but not having a BIG, distance race to work towards leaves me feeling a tad off fitness-wise. So I texted & emailed some run buddies, posted to a few running groups on FB, spent time Googling terms like “best destination races,” dreamed about doing a destination race, analyzed my budget (hello Personal Finance!), bothered my husband… and on and on.

Without much progress being made, the jury is still out. I’m not sure what 2018 or even 2019 has in store for my personal fitness goals. Maybe I’ll knock state #10 off the half marathon bucket list? Get stronger & faster… and strive for a new PR? Attempt my first relay or pump & run or duathlon… or dare I say triathlon? Or perhaps I’ll end up doing the Emerald City or¬†Columbus Marathon races again, they are¬†great ones!

I know I’ll soon have a plan and yet another fun fitness/running event to look forward to. Until then, I’ll continue to research and dream.

What are your running goals for the rest of this year and beyond?

Are you making time to dream, plan and pursue? 

We’d love to hear from you!


Fit Momma Monday – Getting back to the run

Getting into running shape – whether you’re a first time runner or are getting back at it after a hiatus – well, to be frank… it kinda sucks! ¬†Its hard. ¬†You’re out of breath and can’t carry a conversation. ¬†Your lungs burn. ¬†Your legs feel heavy. ¬†You look at your Garmin and have only gone .34 miles. ¬†How on earth will you ever get to that happy place of easily running (and talking through) a four mile run?

Set small goals that you can achieve!  Breaking it down into mini milestones will make the journey more enjoyable and seem more achievable.

Here are a few of mine…

1. SLOWLY¬†progress to running four+ miles.¬† Four miles has always been a personal milestone for me. ¬†Four miles (or 35-40ish minutes) is a good workout length and¬†four miles is a good base to¬†start training for longer races. ¬†When my three year old son was born, my doctor made me wait until my six week checkup to run. ¬†This time around with our daughter, I suppose I’m an old veteran because my doc gave me the green light right after delivery. ¬†She said “Do what your body allows. ¬†If you can run, run!” ¬†She did advise me to hold off core work for 6-8 weeks, and I decided to wait 3 full weeks before I started running [stitches, milk supply and other TMI facts!]

Here is the [slow] progress I’ve made so far…

  • 2 weeks postpartum – Walked 1.5 miles
  • 3 weeks postpartum – Ran/walked 2.5 miles (ran first mile, then ran/walked last 1.5)
  • 4 weeks postpartum –¬†Ran¬†2 miles
  • 5 weeks postpartum – Ran 3 miles

At six weeks, I plan to up my runs to two times per week. ¬†I started slow to make sure my body could handle it. ¬†I also DO NOT WORRY ABOUT PACE. ¬†I don’t even wear my Garmin. ¬†I want to gradually¬†build mileage before I worry about pace and I don’t want to be discouraged by feeling slow. ¬†After a few weeks of conquering and feeling good about three miles, I’ll add that 4th mile on and then eventually a 5th and even 6th. ¬†Quality over quantity, in my opinion. ¬†And at some point, hopefully in a month or so, I’ll start wearing my Garmin again. ¬†For now its FitBit only. ¬†Tracking steps and mileage and NOT allowing myself to go crazy about pace [or lack thereof!] ¬†¬†¬†


My FitBit flex syncs with my phone, my Weight Watchers app (gotta lose those baby-weight pounds) and allows me to focus on steps and mileage right now… not¬†concerned with pace just yet! ¬† ¬† And I love the Tori Burch accessory hubby got me, dresses up my FitBit Flex when I want more style.

Oh and group runs make it more fun!



**Sidenote… leave the baby at home in the beginning while you’re running! ¬†It will be good bonding time for your spouse or other caretaker(s), good for you to have some ‘momma’ time AND will make it easier on your run while you’re getting back into shape. ¬†And for safety purposes, most stroller companies recommend not jogging with a baby until they have decent head control.¬† You can invest in a good jogging stroller and bring baby along in a few months. ¬†I usually nurse my little, head out the door for a run, then am back before she needs to eat again. ¬†For now, if you want to spend time getting FIT with baby, WALK with the stroller, or better yet, carry baby and keep them close!¬†


2. Run a timed mile, 1-2 times per week.  I plan to gradually work toward a 9:00 minute mile then ultimately back under 8:00 (my goal pace for a PR 5k).  I did my first timed mile last week and barely kept it under 10 minutes Р9:51, see below.  Between carrying an extra 20 pounds of weight I need to lose, and not having run much since last October, I knew it would be a challenge.  Progress not perfection, they say!  In my defense, the last leg of it was up hill and against wind, not the ideal elements for a strong finish.  I plan to do one mile per week on this same route, and one per week at the track or a flatter terrain.  Doing 1-2 timed runs per week will allow me to incorporate what will feel like a little bit of speed work and push my lungs & legs to get faster over time.  Keeping it low in mileage (one mile) will help prevent any injury or strain on my body by potentially doing too much too fast.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 11.11.42 AM

3. Sign up for a race.  This always gives me the focus I need for training.  Several runners in our Living Fit run crew have signed up for the M3S Sports FORE! Miler on Thursday, May 28.  This gives me two months to work up to running four miles at a pace I can be proud of.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 11.20.07 AM

Well, guess I’d better stop talking and start walking. ¬†Heading out for a quick run now. ¬†Good luck in your journey and hope to see you out on the trail!


As 2015 becomes 2016…

[by T Gellenbeck]

Happy almost new year!  Hope you survived the holiday cookies and meals and are still on track with your fitness regime!

I am safely into my third trimester and anticipating 2016 very much, due to both a new addition to our family (late IMG_5388Feb!) and getting back to the fitness scene this spring/summer. ¬†I have had some previous pregnancy complications and medically am considered ‘high risk’¬†so I’ve been taking it easy¬†the last few months. ¬†I try to take walk¬†dates with my FitBit or do some slow flow yoga or light weights here and there, but for the most part my main source of exercise has been chasing around our almost-three-year-old. ¬†He will keep you active, you can borrow him anytime to see ~ toddlers NEVER seem to run out of energy! ¬†Although I’ve been enjoying some rest from running & hot yoga, I definitely miss the fitness scene and all my cbus pals. ¬†I see fitness posts all over my social media feeds… friends checking into yoga classes, raising money and participating in road races for a cause and volunteering at local fitness events. ¬†I feel like I’m living vicariously through them and inspired by them daily, in awe of¬†their motivation and commitment to living a fit lifestyle.



I’m not a huge resolution maker, but I do like to set fitness goals each year, so its time to start thinking about it! ¬†Last year our runners set MILES & MATS goals… check them out¬†to get some inspiration.

–> 2015 Miles & Mats <–

Although I won’t be making any personal goals until after we settle in with the new little one, I certainly plan to be more active in 2016 and tackle some of my 2015 Miles & Mats goals.

So what are your plans for 2016?  

Here are some ideas to get your brain and body moving…

  • Kick off the year with a¬†juice cleanse from Native¬†or your favorite juice bar (been wanting to check out Vitality right here in Dublin)
  • Participate in the Ohio Health¬†First on the First 5K¬†or sign up for a¬†future¬†race to train for
  • Check out a different yoga studio or return to your favorite one… some of our regular spots¬†are Harbor, Thank & VPower
  • Try¬†a new fitness routine, something to get that body moving! ¬†Orange Theory Fitness has locations all over Columbus and will be starting a Columbus Weight Loss Challenge on Jan 11. ¬†I personally can’t wait to try¬†System of Strength once I’m back on the wagon!
  • Buy some snazzy gear – we love¬†lululemon,¬†Bend Active¬†and¬†Columbus Running Company
  • Try a new healthy recipe – some of our go-to¬†sources are Cbus local WholeLivingLauren.com and also¬†HeAndSheEatClean.com
  • Get inspired by following other fit lovers’ blogs (see our fav list HERE) or Instagram feeds

Whatever your goals & resolutions¬†are, be sure to make time to “fill your bucket” with things that give you a positive outlook, balance and renewed energy. ¬†Hope to see you on the mat or trails in the new year!


Spice Up Your Spring

Guest Blogger [S. Palmer]

What‚Äôs a better time to start getting fit and eating healthy again, than springtime? The season shifts and we start cleaning up our closets. Why not clean up our eating and exercising habits as well! There’s a couple things that you can do of course, but here are some tips to get back into the swing of things – or if you‚Äôve been staying strong through out the winter season, some tips to spice things up.

  1. Treat yourself to something new!

Go to a new juice place or grab a smoothie after a workout. Buy ingredients for a healthy recipe, or go buy new workout clothes that’ll make you feel great. Do something to get you out of the rut that you are in or just because you deserve it!

  1. Get inspired

Whether it’s Pinterest, Instagram or Tumblr, it doesn’t hurt to search inspirational quotes to encourage you! You could make it your phone background, or print it out and do some DIY framing and put it in a place that you’ll always see it.

  1. Find a  running or workout buddy & head outside

Head outside to find some new scenery & grab a friend for double the fun! This could help motivate you, encourage them, and make the workout [running, walking or however you sweat] a lot more enjoyable.  Maybe you even consider signing up for a race?  A new state?  A new distance?  Break out of your comfort zone!

Dublin 5K-40

These are just some quick and easy fixes for anyone who’s trying to break out of a winter rut or spice up their spring fitness regime!  Do YOU have any ideas for breaking free from the winter blahs?


Photo credits; NotontheHighStreet.com, LeenaBee Photography

Yoga Selfies & Journey to Handstand

[t gellenbeck]

Yoga Selfies

Some may think selfies are a product of narcissism, but around here, we simply view them as a way to document progress.¬† When I first started practicing yoga regularly in January 2014, I could barely hold a Warrior I without losing my balance.¬† Since then, I’ve hit new PRs of Warrior III [almost on a paddle board!], Crow, Side Crow and most recently, Headstand.¬† If I can do this, YOU can do this!

Crow2 July 2014

Taking pictures of your practice will allow you to gauge your starting point and visually view your progress over time.¬† Some may do weight loss photos, some take check-out-my-abs selfies, and well, we take yoga pics!¬† This was me four weeks ago, getting help and support [from Kelli @HarborYogaStudio] in headstand…

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 6.28.34 PM


And this was me [on the right] recently, supporting myself!  Progress!


I’ve found that I’ve hit a lot of my PRs in running, so yoga has allowed me to achieve new accomplishments physically and mentally.¬† Whatever your yoga goals are ~ flexibility, balance, strength, improved running times ~ why not take photos to visually document your progress along the way?!

The famous yoga mom, Laura Sykora [Kasperzak], demonstrates her progress through visuals on Instagram.¬† Check out her amazing Scorpion progress below…

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 7.12.49 PMFollow her @LauraSykora

Interested in more posts on Yoga Selfies?¬† Check these out…

So what are your waiting for?¬† Pick a pose, snap a pic and practice, practice, practice!¬† Watching yourself grow as a yogi is an amazing feeling that we assure you’ll be proud of.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * *  *  *  *  *  * *  *  *  *  *  * *  *  *  *  *  * *  *  *  *  *  *

Journey to Handstand

We are participating in Kino & Kerri’s Journey to Handstand on Instagram this month.¬† No ‘beginning’ photos yet, but we are excited to partake in this journey and document our progress so stay tuned!

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 7.53.35 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 6.05.28 PM

And why not join along in the fun!?¬† Follow along on Instagram…

Happy Sunday and have a great week!

Photo and info credits to: Kino via Codyapp.com & Laura via Instagram

Week FIVE of our Living Fit Winter Challenge

You made it half way through the challenge!

Week 4 …

  • Log your points sometime soon ~ Remember, $50 in Bend Active gift cards are at stake!¬† Winners will be announced early this week.¬† Make sure to LIKE Living Fit & Bend on Facebook.
  • AWESOME JOB on all the miles this week!¬† 15 miles per week is a good push during winter/off training months.¬† Pat yourself on the back and log your total mileage [Google Drive] so we can see how much pavement we accumulated!

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 10.22.33 AM

Week 5…

  • Week five bonus challenges… ITS DOUBLE BONUS CHALLENGE WEEK!!!¬† That means you can earn 100 points instead of the usual 50! Pick TWO – each is worth 50 points…
    1. Log 200 minutes of yoga or 200 minutes [approx 20 miles] of running.  Or combination of both.  You can do it!
    2. Attend a FIT event OR a new FIT studio/gym.¬† Remember Fair Trade Yoga’s open house is today and next Sat is a yoga day, we can try a new place.
    3. Prepare your FIT and personal 2015 goal setting and resolutions!  Get them to Teresa somehow by Jan 15 so we can do a blog post.

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 10.18.56 AM

  • Inspiration points are also double.¬† This week, you must post to social media to count your inspiration points each day.¬† Pick your fav ~ FB, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest… 10 points per day for posting whatever you choose; photo of your sweat session, inspirational quotes, bucket list/resolution items, favorite workout, clean eating ideas… you name it!¬† Remember to use #livingfitcolumbus on Instagram ūüôā
  • We officially have an Instagram account ~ please follow us @LivingFitColumbus [right now we are pretty lame!] and also continue using #livingfitcolumbus

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 10.19.49 AM

Other news

  • Email us @ LivingFitColumbus@gmail.com for more info or to share ideas ~ we are considering a blog overhall in January and would love your input.
  • A few of us are heading to the Open House today for Fair Trade Yoga Studios in Powell around 2:30PM, see flyers below.¬† This fits one of the bonus options for this week – 50 points woo hoo!

Can’t wait to see those FIT goals! Happy 2015!

Traveling, Holidays & Staying Fit [guest post]

Traveling, Holidays & Staying Fit [guest post by L Nguyen]

So for the second week in a row, Mahvish and I decided on a whim to go to Chicago a few weekends back, and I just went again for Thanksgiving.  Having been traveling these past few weekends, we have taken some time to reflect on ourselves.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 5.09.25 PM

Have we taken the time to take care of our bodies?

Did we get our workouts in?

Are we being mindful and eating clean?

Many of us, when we travel, tend to fall off track of our healthy habits.¬† Yes, it can sometimes be tricky and difficult when it’s quick to grab something from a fast food joint or junk food from a gas station.¬† From experience, it is definitely a challenge to stay in routine while traveling, even for a short weekend.¬† Needless to say, we made sure we tried our best to stay on top of our A-Game.¬† It was an added bonus to have someone around to keep the other in check!¬† Being busy (from work, etc) and tired (not enough sleep!) pose problems of their own.¬† So here are some tips for “on the go” to keep track of your fit routine and healthy habits:

  • Eat as clean as possible, as much as possible.¬† When eating out, it’s ok to splurge, but try not to over indulge to a point where you can’t breathe! One night, we did tapas so we could try a little bit of everything. ūüôā
  • Carry protein packed snacks & nibble on healthy snacks when you can.¬† We love nuts, Larabars, dried fruit, banana chips, trail mix, sugar snap peas, mini sweet peppers with hummus & fresh fruit.
  • Drink plenty of water!¬† (Disclaimer: except for when driving long distances, try not to inhale a liter of Perrier sparkling water within a half hour.¬† You WILL have to make pit stops every 45minutes to every hour!¬† But hey, breaks are good too!)
  • Get enough sleep and don’t rely only running on caffeine.
  • Find a local yoga studio to take a class or two.¬† While in Chicago, we took a class with Carmen at The Lab and a couple sculpt classes at CorePower!¬† Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 5.09.50 PM
  • Get out and squeeze a run in, even for a few miles.¬† Its a great way to check out a new place while getting a workout in!¬† Look into a local running group and perhaps do a run with them.
  • Take some Airborne tablets. And/or enjoy hot tea or hot water with lemons as a simple detox.¬† Traveling and not sleeping enough can wear down your body, I got sick after returning from one of my many trips.

Remember, we aren’t, by any means, experts.¬† These tips are just a few ideas that kept us from getting sidetracked from our goal(s) of taking care of ourselves.

How do you stay on track of your fit routine when traveling?  Feel free to share with us any ideas!

Stay tuned later this week for details on our winter fitness challenge!

Featured Success Story ~ FITness after 50

Emerald City Quarter ~ Peggy's longest run!

Emerald City ~ Peggy’s longest run!

FITness after 50 // April, 2014 // by T Gellenbeck

Featured Cbus-er:  Peggy Bohn

Hometown:  Dublin

Goal accomplished: ¬†To live a healthier lifestyle through good ‘ol diet & exercise

Story: ¬†Peggy, also known as Mom or Gigi around here, ¬†is one of my fitness role models. ¬†At 57 years young, she is still conquering half marathons, countless hours of Insanity, weight lifting and power walking. ¬†Her ‘Power Walk’ pace is faster than some runner’s jogging pace (we’ve actually overheard someone during a race say, ‘Great! ¬†I’m being passed by a walker!’)

About ten years ago, due to the many stresses of work & life, she had gained weight without even realizing it. ¬†Tired, stressed and unhappy with her fitness level, she¬†thought, ‘something must be done!’ ¬†She vowed to eat healthier (which meant less cheese!) and make exercising a priority again.

Although her ‘day job’ is a Procurement Specialist (something to do with Supply Chain Management, I think…), her passion is fitness.¬†¬†She now makes time 4-5 days per week to exercise and¬†with degrees in¬†both¬†Nutrition & Chemistry, knows how to put together a mean, clean grocery list. ¬† This knowledge comes in handy when shopping at Whole Foods for her grandson’s weekly Sunday night healthy dinners!

I can only hope to be this FIT and fabulous when I’m approaching 60. ūüôā

Some FIT after 50 tips she has to offer;

  • Learn your limits. ¬†I know I can’t run as fast as some of our running group members 20-30 years younger than me! ¬†And I’m okay with that.
  • Eat your veggies. ¬†I sometimes snack on kale chips and pretend they are potato chips.
  • Drink lots of water (especially if you drink a lot of coffee like I do!)
  • Get plenty of rest. ¬†I try to get 8 hours or more each night.
  • Strength train. ¬†I’ve found the older I get, the harder I have to work at staying in shape. ¬†Building muscle is essential!

Some of her FITness goals;

  • Teach my grandson about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle
  • PR in a quarter marathon or 10K (current PR is 1:18 – 11:58 pace) or a half marathon (current PR is 2:31 – 11:31 pace). ¬†I typically walk/run with no real strategy, but it works for me!
  • Run a Disney half marathon (take a family trip & possibly celebrate my 60th birthday!)
  • Run a race in 10 (or more) states. ¬†So far I’ve done Ohio, California, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Michigan, Indiana.
  • Stay in shape, even if its just walking, until the day I rise up to Heaven (knowing her, she’ll probably continue to exercise there too!)

FITness workouts of choice;

  • Run/walk intervals ~ I don’t ‘like’ running, but I can make myself do it… I much prefer to power walk
  • Walking her Golden Retriever, Tucker
  • Strength training
  • Golfing (no cart, of course)
  • At home videos include Insanity and various Yoga routines
  • Used to love racquetball & scuba diving, although its been a few years
Getting ready for our long run

Getting ready for our long run, Mexico, 2014


Dancing & stretching, Haiti mission trip, 2012

1/21 ~ Day ONE of a 21 day JUMP START Fitness Challenge!

Whitney Carlson’s 21 Day Jump Start Fitness Challenge… & Teresa’s Weight Loss Journey

So even fitness lovers like myself need a little JUMP START every now and then!

A few Living Fit members are participating in a 21 day jump start challenge by the one and only Whitney Carlson. ¬†We found her online a few months ago when looking for clean recipes… her sister site, HeandSheEatClean.com¬†has some amazing recipes and tells her story from ‘Regular Whitney’ to ‘Fitness-loving [modeling, blogging, personal-training] Whitney!’

The program starts with TLS Weight Loss Solutions‘ SEVEN DAY DETOX.

Today is day one!  For SEVEN DAYS you eat fruits and vegetables ONLY (along with the TLS supplements) as your body cleanses itself of all its toxins.  This is for health, but also fat-burning benefits!

This was dinner tonight…

IMG_4451 IMG_4453

Lots o’ veggies and veggie stuffed portabellas.

The program also includes a private FaceBook support group, workout plans, meal plans and most importantly, MOTIVATION & ACCOUNTABILITY!

Here is why I personally chose to pursue this 21 day jump start…


Teresa’s Personal Weight Loss Journey ~

Goal to accomplish accomplished!:  lose those last stubborn [10] pounds post-baby

My story: It has taken me ONE FULL YEAR to lose my baby weight.  I have a handsome, healthy one year old to show for it, and zero regrets for taking it slow.  However, recently I decided it was finally time to lose those last few pounds and get back into running, fitness, clean eating and SLEEP!

I am 5’7 and typically fluctuate between 135-140 pounds. ¬†I never used to openly discuss my weight, but if others can gain inspiration from my weight-loss story, then I’m willing to share!

I was down to 125 pds on our wedding day in 2011, but looking back, I was too thin and looked HUNGRY ūüôā ¬†¬†After the wedding I went back to my ‘normal’ routine of eating, running, cross-training¬†(and enjoying the occasional ice cream cone or chocolate truffle… rare treats when I was in wedding mode!).

Before my pregnancy in 2012, I weighed just under 140 pounds. ¬†A healthy, FIT weight and lifestyle. ¬†This was a photo taken shortly after finding out we were pregnant…


We are pregnant!

I ¬†ran until the baby was 32 weeks and then slowly tapered off to not doing much the last 6 weeks; holidays, cold weather, treadmill in storage, bought a house… too many excuses to not continue exercising! ¬†I gained 40+ pounds total and topped out at 182 pds the week JP was born.


38 weeks! ¬†Last pregnant picture… gained 40 pounds!¬†


Joseph Parker stole our hearts on January 24, 2013.  Best day of our lives!

After JP was born, the first 20 pounds came right off and I figured since I was nursing, the weight loss would continue. ¬†After 8 weeks (and doctor’s clearance), I began jogging, but was cautious to not exert too much energy as I was still nursing and didn’t want to impact my milk supply.

By that Easter, however, I had still not lost any more weight! ¬†JP was already three months old and I’d only lost half of my baby weight. ¬†I saw this photo of myself and realized I needed to take better care of my body…


Easter 2013, 20 pounds to go!

In late April of 2013, I had focused on my baby and milk supply solely for three months and began to start working¬†a bit more on my own health and weight. ¬†I joined Weight Watchers, started eating cleaner and trying to work out more (at this point, I had only worked up to running one mile, then walking). ¬†Exercise was difficult, I’ll admit… working full time, caring for an infant and getting NO sleep!

Over the next 8-10 weeks, I lost another 10 pounds and by summer 2013, was feeling good about my accomplishments.


May 2013 ~ 15 pounds to go…

I decided not to worry about the last 10+ pounds and just enjoy my life with my family and my amazing 6 month old son.


August 2013 ~ 10 pounds to go…


January 2014 brought JPs first birthday. ¬†For one full year, I’d committed myself to him… not sleeping well, not exercising as much as I needed to…

  • One, my milk supply was¬†affected if I exerted too much energy sweating – in hindsight, I could have probably just hydrated more, but I was already drinking close to 75 ounces per day of fluids!
  • Two, I wasn’t sleeping well so I was always too tired to exercise anyhow! ¬†JP nursed exclusively for 11.5 months and was up every 3-4 hours almost EVERY SINGLE NIGHT

Here is a [low quality, sorry] photo from JP’s first birthday party that made me realize it was time to start working on those last 10 pounds…


Jan 2014 ~ HAPPY, but about 10 pounds away from HEALTHY!

March 2014 –¬†I have lost 7 (yes SEVEN!) pounds since JPs birthday by¬†EATING CLEAN,¬†beginning to train for the¬†CAP CITY HALF¬†and incorporating new workouts like¬†interval training¬†and¬†yoga¬†into my exercise routine.

I hope to lose a few more ¬†doing Whitney’s¬†21 day plan (detox, clean eating, new workouts designed by Whitney). Not everything¬†in fitness¬†should be about weight loss, but I’d personally like to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight once & for all. ¬†Once I see 140 (or lower!) I will be doing a HAPPY DANCE! ¬†And maybe, instead of celebrating with chocolate, I’ll celebrate with a new pair of skinny jeans ūüôā

Check back soon to see how we do!

“My body, like my life, is a work in progress!” ¬†~ Jessica Simpson, Weight Watchers spokes-momma

Here’s to LOSING weight while GAINING confidence and an even happier, healthier, FIT life! ¬†Cheers!

Update [April 2014]

After following Whitney Carlson’s 21 Day Jump Start Fitness Challenge, I FINALLY lost the last few pounds and got down to my pre-pregnancy weight. ¬†From JPs 1st birthday on Jan 24, 2014 ¬†(photo above) to our Spring Break vacation in Mexico on March 30, 2014 (below) Joey lost 15 pounds and I lost 12! ¬†Joey somehow gained weight during my pregnancy as well, although I hear this is common. ūüôā

I’ll spare you from¬†bikini selfies, but here is a family photo from our vacation…

A quick one with the boys

A quick pic with the boys

I was also announced as the winner of Whitney’s 21 Day Fitness Jumpstart Challenge! ¬†I cropped my ‘after’ photo below so you didn’t have to be subjected to my ‘ab shot’ ~ but this is a good angle showing how challenging it can be to find time for fitness when you have a little one.

Make time for yourself and know that a healthy, fit momma = more energy for chasing around that toddler!  

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 9.50.55 PM

Jump Start-2 2

So now…

Here’s to MAINTAINING weight, while gaining strength and speed for a new PR. ¬†

See you on the trails!