2/21 ~ Day TWO of JUMP START Challenge

Whitney Carlson’s 21 Day Jump Start Fitness Challenge… 

If you didn’t see yesterday’s post, a few Living Fit members are participating in a 21 day jump start challenge by Whitney Carlson.  We LOVE her site, HeandSheEatClean.com and have made many of the recipes!


The program starts with TLS Weight Loss Solutions‘ SEVEN DAY DETOX.  For SEVEN DAYS you eat fruits (max of 3 per day) and vegetables (unlimited) ONLY, along with the TLS supplements, as your body cleanses itself of all its toxins.  This is for health, but also fat-burning benefits!

You can see my trip to Trader Joe’s at the right.  —->DSC_0446

We are also supposed to limit exercise (eliminate strenuous activity, just walk or do slow flow yoga, if needed) and concentrate on resting, stress-relief and getting plenty of sleep.

DAY TWO, my personal thoughts… 

I have never done a cleanse before.  I have ‘eaten clean’ for 7 days, 12 days, 21 days [the longest I have EVER gone without sugar], but I’ve never done a true toxin-cleaning detox.

Day 1 was challenging, but I have to admit… I did cheat and have coffee yesterday.  Going cold turkey with no sugar, no caffeine, no carbs, no protein was SUPER challenging and I had a pretty bad headache off & on for most of the day.  So I figured the coffee was better than a giant spoonful of peanut butter!  The ‘rules’ allow you to have one cup of black coffee and/or 3-4 oz of clean protein, if needed, but it is not recommended during the detox (especially the first 3 days).  Dang!

Day 2 is proving to be difficult as well.  I think I could live on just fruits and veggies… IF I could have my coffee too!  I don’t really miss or ‘crave’ much except for my tall hazelnut cream cup of joe to get my day started.

I am cold [like shivering cold] and my headache has returned.  Could be the teenagers I work with ~ just kidding kids 🙂 ~  but I’ve done some research and its common to have these symptoms, so I guess I’ll just bare through it!

Oops ~ cheated again!  I HAD to add 1 tb of protein to my shake at dinner.  I was feeling weak and almost sick!  I still had 3 hours to go until bedtime and a 13 month old to take care of, so hopefully this doesn’t throw me off course too much.

Going to sleep a bit earlier tonight to make sure I get my 7+ hours.

We can do this!!!  Difficult, but not impossible!

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Follow along as we [me, my husband and mom, 2 other LIVING FIT members] document our 21 day journey.  Please contact Whitney if you’re interested in pursuing a fitness challenge of your own ~ she will have another one starting April 2014.

“My body, like my life, is a work in progress!”  ~ Jessica Simpson, Weight Watchers spokes-momma

Here’s to LOSING weight while GAINING confidence and an even happier, healthier, FIT life!  


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