3/21 ~ Day THREE of JUMP START Challenge

Whitney Carlson’s 21 Day Jump Start Fitness Challenge 


More of the same!  Still just fruits (3), veggies (unlimited) and the TLS supplements.  IMG_4138

You start each morning with a glass of warm water and the juice from half a lemon.  The TLS info describes how it helps your gull bladder and aids in fat-burning.  The photo on the right —–> from The Farmacy states other benefits, including this article from The Chalkboard.  So drink up!

DAY THREE, my personal thoughts… 

Yesterday I learned that too much lemon water = heartburn.  I got all excited about its health benefits and the sweet taste, but I think I had one glass too many!  So I’ll likely limit it to just the morning detox one and maybe one other throughout the day.

My headache had subsided upon wakening this AM, but it was back in full force by 9AM.  I plan to drink more water today (although I’ve already been drinking a lot!) and I’m hoping since its day 3, this will soon dissipate.  From researching and talking to others that started a day before me, the first 2-3 days are the hardest.

9PM ~ had a cup of coffee around 7PM (half decaf and a little soy milk).  I am not perfect!  I can’t seem to kick the headaches, so I’ve been allowing myself VERY. SMALL. CHEATS.  ~ only the ones allowed, smiggins of protein and coffee.  Hoping that if/when the headaches subside, I will be able to have a couple of CHEAT FREE days before this 7 day detox is over!

Off to bed.  Day 3 in the books.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Follow along as we [me, my husband and mom, 2 other LIVING FIT members] document our 21 day journey.  Please contact Whitney if you’re interested in pursuing a fitness challenge of your own ~ she will have another one starting April 2014.

Click HERE to see DAY ONE and Teresa’s Weight Loss Journey.

“My body, like my life, is a work in progress!”  ~ Jessica Simpson, Weight Watchers spokes-momma

Here’s to LOSING weight while GAINING confidence and an even happier, healthier, FIT life!  


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