Tour of Columbus [Harbor Yoga]


I was dreaming about going somewhere warm in the middle of a frigid winter weekend. A beach vacation was my first choice, but not in the budget… enter HOT VINYASA YOGA at Harbor Yoga Studio.  Harbor is located in Historic Dublin and offers various classes throughout the week.

I had one of the best workouts of my life!!! It was warm, relaxing but challenging, and overall an awesome experience. I don’t have much to compare it to [yet], but it definitely changed my mind about yoga being slow, boring and a waste of time!  It was an amazing change from my usual running routine and is an excellent supplement to cross train, prevent injury, stretch, etc. Check out some reasons why HERE.

To explain further, here is a description from their site… “The owners, Heidi and Angie, realized that when you combine fun and funky music with the yoga poses, it challenges a person to move with more purposeful strength and style. This “yogahop” style of yoga is a hybrid of traditional Eastern style yoga with a more Western twist.”

Basically, I was a hot, sweaty mess. And I loved it.

You can register and pay for classes online and all you need is a mat, water bottle and towel.  *Don’t forget to bring water, you’ll need it!*  They currently offer a 14-day unlimited pass for new clients, so you can go as much as you want in the two week trial. They supply lululemon mats if you don’t have your own, but there are a limited amount, so get there early if you need one. I’ll be honest, I tried to use my inexpensive Target mat and it did NOT work! I was so sweaty, I was slipping all over the place! lululemon sure does make a better mat.

If you’re a newbie like me, there is a page on their website that offers helpful tips. Another reason to get there early… so you can hide in the back and not feel like everyone in the room knows that you don’t know what you are doing. 🙂  Although it may be hotter in the back!

One of the owners is a former teacher and a lot of the instructors have education and/or business backgrounds, which I was especially drawn to when reading their bios.


The decor and atmosphere were adorable! The beach-like theme & spa blue colors were inviting & soothing, I may just end up stealing the idea to redo our main bathroom!


I will definitely be going back multiple times. Check it out sometime and as they say in class ‘meet me on the mat!’

2016 update: 

Harbor moved locations – still in Dublin, but now closer to BridgePark than Historic Dublin – has a brand new studio and much better parking! The average temperature during a class in the new studio is 103-104 and it is hotter in the back. Stay by the door if you want a breeze now and then!

Below are some photos from their new studio, taken during a ‘men on the mat’ event with lululemon athletica polaris. See, dudes do yoga too! 🙂

Harbor + lulu-4 Harbor + lulu-5 Harbor + lulu-13 Harbor + lulu-10 Harbor + lulu-19 Harbor + lulu-20 Harbor + lulu-21 Harbor + lulu-22 Harbor + lulu-46

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