Living Fit [Columbus] June updates

The last month has brought a lot of FIT memories including…

  • Short North walking tour ~ this was more food than fitness, but we did learn about spices and how to make dishes healthy, but tasty. And we did walk 1.5 miles, so it was some fitness!
  • POGA classes ~ Post your pics@ #Pogacolumbus
  • [Teresa, Joey & Carrie] A trip to Hilton Head which included walks and jogs on the beach, tennis, biking & beach yoga with Jiva Yoga Center
  • Our weekly runs ~ Thursdays with lululemon polaris and Saturdays @ Winans coffee shop in Dublin ~ including a few speed sessions @ the track
  • Watching the World Cup [this counts, right?!] U-S-A!
  • [Teresa, Joey & Peggy] Currently in Wisconsin, looking forward to our first ever Stand Up Paddleboard [SUP] yoga session on Sunday
  • Strength & movement class and a FITness photo shoot with Lori Crock from Movestrong Kettlebells in Dublin ~ RECAP BELOW….

Lori created a Strength and Movement class just for us runners!  What I love about Lori is that she asks your fitness goals and then creates custom workouts to meet those goals [vs having a set program and expecting you to adapt to it!]  We want to cross train and build strength as runners so she incorporated that into our routine.  

We met in her garage studio in the back, although she will soon be moving locations.  Lori had us do circuits of all things strength including rope climbing, ax chopping, kettle bell swinging and deadlifts… SO. MANY. DEADLIFTS!  Our heart rates were up the entire time and it was an excellent workout.  Its funny how your body adapts to certain exercises… I can run 6 miles with no side effects, but after Lori’s class I was sore [in a good way] for days.  My glutes were the most sore, those dang deadlifts!  I would highly recommend Lori if you are looking to mix up your normal routine.  She specializes in kettle bell classes, but also offers a variety of other movement classes.  


We hope to give overviews/reviews of more of these activities individually, but for now you can just look for yourself through our gallery below.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so this should do for now…



Hope you will make some time to join us for some events this summer.  

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