Yoga Challenge – Day 3

Today continues our yoga challenge!  We had our 3 mile group run, so just a short 10 minutes of yoga today.

Here is what we did…

Yoga with Adriene video – we did the first ten minutes of her Yoga for runners – cool down video.  Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 9.44.57 PM

Adriene is a yoga instructor in Texas and has a lot of great free videos.  A fellow runner friend, Chelsea, told us about her and we love her site and yoga tips!


Day #3 of the #IndependenceArmy yoga challenge on Instagram is chaturanga pose, so we focused on this after the running cool down yoga.  We did 5 flows of prayer-chaturanga-upward dog-downward dog-forward fold-prayer, holding each pose for 3 seconds.

We also checked out lulu’s article called how to cha-cha-chaturanga which includes a one minute video by ambassador Michelle Wong.



Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.40.36 PM


Lastly,  today’s inspirational quote… we sent out our July newsletter today and we used this quote;


 Tomorrow is July 4th, so spend some time with family, friends, etc… and make sure you set aside 10 minutes [or more] for yoga!

See you soon.

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