Independence FIT Celebration[s]


Today’s exercise… 

We got in our workout today ~ an Independence 3 mile run or 2 mile walk [choice].  Lots of neighbors, strollers and fitness fun! And of course, we got coffee afterwards @ Winans Dublin.

image-3 image-4


30 day Yoga challenge…

We are taking a yoga REST today (can’t quite tackle the fallen angel pose from #independencearmy anyhow) but will double up and do at least 20 minutes tomorrow.   Don’t EVER feel guilty if you need to adjust your training plans every now and then and ALWAYS give your body a chance to rest!  We did do some stretching after our run, so you can count that if you must 🙂


Instagram challenge… Get DOWN dog! 

Today’s post request was your favorite yoga pose. Although we didn’t do a full yoga session today, we did make time to bust out our favorite pose!  Teresa chose DOWNWARD DOG.  Not only is this move a relaxing stretch of the lower back and hamstrings (great for runners), it is also one of JPs favorite things to do.  Call it downward dog or Londong bridge… he loves to do it, watch it, climb on it!  A few photos for your viewing pleasure…

And last but not least, today’s inspirational quote…


See you tomorrow!

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