Fitness Spotlight [Caren Leslie]

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Expertise:  Caren Leslie is a NSCA certified personal trainer, fitness coach, Advocare distributor and health enthusiast. Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 5.04.06 PMAfter working for the City of Dublin for a few years, she then branched out and began her own personal training business while also coaching for the Dublin Coffman High School girl’s field hockey team. She has recently become a trainer at the new Shred 415 Sawmill here in Dublin and enjoys inspiring people of all ages to live a fit and active lifestyle!

Motivation for LIVING FIT:  Caren struggled with her weight and various related medical issues after college. She was eventually diagnosed with a thyroid disorder and was then able to use that knowledge to make healthier choices and drop over 50 pounds. Caren enjoys working in a field where health is valued and she can be a positive example to her clients, student-athletes,  children and loyal Shredders. She embraced turning 40 in 2014 and got in better shape than she had ever been!

Diet: As an Advocare distributor, Caren believes in eating a diet high in protein and vegetables with a fair amount of complex carbohydrates. She also makes sure to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, Spark and Rehydrate, two Advocare products she swears by.  She attributes a lot of her results, the way her body looks and performs, as well as her energy levels (gotta keep up with her young children!) to her clean diet and Advocare supplements.

Exercise:  Caren’s typical workout routine consists of running and strength training. She runs several times a week and does low reps of heavy weights when lifting to increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat. After an intense workout, she typically recovers with a post-workout Recovery shake, Catalyst and Rehydrate.

Some of Caren’s FAVORITE things…    

  • FIT place around Columbus:  Although she used to frequent and train at Zone Personal Fitness in Powell, she has recently converted to Shred 415 in Dublin. She also enjoys the running trails in her Caren - Interview-2 copybneighborhood… although her daughter is too big now, Caren used to do many stroller runs ~ extra resistance and a workout companion!
  • Healthy meal/food – Salmon and veggies with hummus
  • Cheat meal – pizza!
  • Race distance – 5K
  • Cross training activity – group exercise class (Shred, duh!) or solo session with a personal trainer

Caren lives in Dublin with her husband and two little ones.  She is truly an inspiration for being a working mom that still makes time to live an active, FIT lifestyle.

{Originally published August 2014, updated July 2019}





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