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We got a fabulous too-good-to-be-true Groupon deal for PAI yoga & fitness and couldn’t resist.  10 classes for $55?!  That’s insane!

We have heard great things about PAI, the owner Chan Hemintranont, and one of the instructors, Kara Lough (who also taught a POGA session this summer).  Leah, Christine, Peggy & I were looking forward to attending and chose the Hot Power Vinyasa L1/2 class.  The description reads;

Challenge yourself with this vigorous class that will leave you feeling stronger, revived and cleansed after the class. Similar to Power Flow class but the studio will be heated between 90-95 degrees to deepen your asana practice so it is important to hydrate well before and after class. Please remember to bring a small towel and at least 20 oz of water.  For experienced beginners who have a good understanding in a foundation in yoga and have a basic awareness of a yogic breathing. Moves at a slightly faster pace than Level 1.

We got there early, as all newbies should, and of course snapped a few pics….


The lobby was nice and smelled of yummy scents, instantly calming us and getting us into the right state of mind.  The receptionist was pleasant and when we told her we were new, she said ‘New to PAI or new to yoga?’ Once we told her, she was relieved 🙂  I think a hot power vinyasa L1/2 class with Chan is not a good place to start total newbies (although I did start some first-timers with Heidi’s mixed class at Harbor a few weeks ago… oops!)

The yoga room was heated and felt awesome.  Chan came right over to us and greeted us, which I always find very welcoming.  Its nice when the instructor, especially the owner, takes the time to encourage new people.  I met some really nice yogis, in fact, more than any other yoga studio I’ve been to.  One girl lives in San Francisco and travels to Columbus for work, another claims she is ‘proptastic’ and had two blocks, a rug and some strappy-looking device I’ve never seen before.  We all chatted for a bit, settled into our mats and quietly awaited our sweat session.


Ready to sweat!

The class was definitely vigorous and several of us dropped to child’s pose a few times to take a break!  Things I loved…

  • Chan circulated the class, guiding and instructing us deeper into our poses and correcting when needed
  • Upbeat music
  • A little slower flow than Harbor, but still a nice steady flow to get your heart pumping
  • Lots of time to play (and watch others play!)
  • Chan’s easy-going, positive attitude ~ she kept reminding us to smile 🙂 and recited several motivational, uplifting quotes

Went home, changed out of my soaking wet clothes and proceeded to rest and chug water.  Another successful yoga class!

I’ll admit, one day later and I’m not nearly as sore as I am after a class with Heidi or Angie at Harbor, but there are always trade offs.  The slower flow allowed me to practice holding poses a bit longer… I felt my legs-a-shakin’!  All in all, I really enjoyed the class and I’ll definitely do more with Chan.

In case you’re curious, here is some more info on her.  Hope to see you on the mat or trail soon!

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