Why I Run [Guest Post]

Why I run.  [by A Racanelli]


Running to me was never something I really enjoyed; I was more of a “team” kind of girl. 

Columbus marathon 2014-3

Of course, I would run if my coach assigned sprints for speed, or long distance runs to build endurance; but it was never my choice of exercise.

During college, a few of my sorority sisters had been cross country runners in high school, and convinced me to join them a few times a week on a run throughout Lexington, Kentucky.  I enjoyed the time I spent with them, but still never considered myself a runner.  During my last year of college, I experienced a few personal trials and decided to get my running shoes out again, at the suggestion of a counselor that I had been working with.  Running brought escape, and solstice from what was going on around me.  It gave me an opportunity to free my mind from the problems that I was facing.
In January, 2001 I decided that I would set a running goal – a half marathon – to help me feel better about my situation and give me something to look forward to and feel good about.  So, I trained and ran my first big race in April of that year.  It was so fulfilling; to accomplish something so great during a time of trouble.
Each time I’ve been faced with winding roads (work, marriage, family, etc…), I’ve gotten my shoes out again.  The road is open and it provides the time that I need to sort through the issues ahead.  Running gives me the opportunity I need to feel good about me, and eliminates the stress that I am feeling at the time.
After 13 years, I finally consider myself a runner.  I am proud of myself for meeting all the goals I’ve set and accomplished; I know that I am a better wife, mother, and individual when I carve time out for me to hit the pavement or treadmill.
And that’s why I run!

Amanda has now completed 12 half and 3 full marathons and recently become a yoga lover.  Her favorite marathons were Disney & Chicago, while her favorite half was the Louisville Derby Festival.  She is one of our Living Fit Columbus runners and motivates us all to push harder and embrace our inner strength.

Run on, Amanda!

Photo credits to:
Living Fit Columbus & Amanda 🙂


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