Tour of Columbus [V Power Yoga]

We enjoy traveling around Columbus and trying new studios, new styles of yoga and of course, meeting other fitness lovers.  We struck gold on this studio tour!   Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 6.12.38 PM

Four of us attended a class at V Power Yoga last Saturday morning and unanimously, we can’t wait to go back.   We first heard about it through Rachel Kerr from The Beauty Barre and then found it on our recently acquired ClassPass Columbus.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 10.08.46 PMAfter class, #livingthesweatylife

Here is a recap from two of us…

[rehash from L nguyen]

This morning it was rainy. I don’t mean just a sprinkle, it was a pouring monsoon out! That didn’t stop us yogis from going to an 8am heated yoga class. This month, we are trying out ClassPass and decided to give V Power a whirl.  I had never been to this studio before, and have only heard amazing things.  Naturally, on a Saturday morning, any normal person would sleep in.  I was so excited to try this place out that I was up close to 6am!

The class, itself, was a power flow.  Great for any morning energy! Erin (our instructor) started the class out with slow stretches to get our muscles juicy and warmed before jumping into our vinyasa flow series.  The class was heated and it felt SO great coming in from the rainy cold!  I especially loved the energizing music – it makes you just want to dance! The hour went by so fast- it was 9am before we knew it. As with any heated yoga class, I took advantage of being warmed up and practiced my scorpion before leaving. Erin provided very helpful tips post-class [ie, to not be scared to keep bringing my feet to head in forearm scorpion].  I wished we lived closer, but will definitely be coming back!


[rehash from T gellenbeck]

This was my first yoga studio in the downtown/warehouse area.  I was not up at 6AM like Lan, but I was excited!  🙂  We got there about 15 minutes early and were the first to arrive.  The instructor, who we later found out was one of the new co-owners, greeted us with smiles, got us checked in and moved us into the studio.

Things I loved…

  • The heat.  It was a heated class (which I love, especially in winter), but not TOO heated.  We all broke a sweat and were nice and warm, but weren’t dying.
  • Room to move.  The class was full on the website (a few of our yogis didn’t get in!), but there weren’t a TON of people packed into the class.  It was nice to have arm room.  This likely means to sign up early!
  • The instructor [and co-owner], Erin, was amazing!!  She was nice, easy to hear and very good at giving instruction.  She moved around the room and helped people with modifications, congratulated yogis on their poses, etc.  She gave us some ideas for hip stretches (as runners, they tend to always be tight), chatted with us after class and encouraged us to come back.  We will!!
  • It was the perfect combination of my favorite studio, Harbor Yoga, and other studios that give you a bit more time to practice certain poses [like PAI]. The first half was very fast flow, upbeat music, quick sequences, a great cardio/power workout.  The second half was a bit slower and gave us time for play, something I love as a new-er, wanna-be yogi.  Their site describes their practice as ‘vigorous and athletic.’  My type of workout!
  • This awesome shirt….

V Power Yoga-5

The only downfall for me personally is the location/drive time.  Since we live in Dublin, it took about 20-25 minutes to get there, so round trip, it was about a two hour expedition ~ great if you have a lot of time, but a big chunk if you’ve got a long daily to-do list.

Here is some more info from their website:

V Power Yoga is nestled in the warehouse district of downtown Columbus. Reservations are not required, however new students are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes before class. Loaner mats are available for $3. Loaner towels are available for $2.

Free parking is available on the east side of Neilston St. Metered parking is available on 5th St. [Meters are coin only!]

252 North Fifth Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Tel: (614) 22 VYOGA

V Power Yoga-2

V Power Yoga-4

V Power Yoga-6

V Power Yoga-7

V Power Yoga-8

Overall we LOVED it and will definitely be going back.  You should really check it out!


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