Positive thoughts [& challenge day 19]

Today was a rest day around here and yesterday was a group run, followed by a few yoga poses [mostly for the photo opps πŸ™‚ ]

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 10.07.50 PMPracticing CROW

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 10.01.43 PM

Not much to blog about tonight so we’ll just post some positive thoughts from our Instagram feed…


Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 9.51.33 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 9.47.49 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 9.46.58 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 9.39.58 PM

If fear has been holding you back lately, let it go. Try a new yoga pose.Β  Start that business.Β  Take the leap of faith you’ve been waiting to take.Β  Or perhaps, just pray about it and wait patiently.

Hope you can benefit from a little bit of positive inspiration to kick off the weekend.Β  We have a group run tomorrow morning ~Β  see you there!


Just joining us? Β Below are some links to get you started…

The synergy of running and yoga

RUN + YOGA Living Fit [Columbus] Challenge – Day One

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 2.55.10 PM

The challenge is below, both a picture and pdf version.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 11.56.30 AM

YOGA + RUN challengeΒ [PDF version]

Disclaimer: Β We are NOT PROFESSIONAL runners or yogis, so make sure you check with your doctor and/or exercise professional for tips, advice, etc. Β We are just a group of fitness junkies who love a good challenge now and then πŸ™‚


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