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Yoga Challenge Days 25 & 26

Days #25 & 26   

Day 25 – a short yoga session… a crazy, busy, traveling day so just a little bit to keep up the challenge.

Day 26 – a four mile run, a two mile walk and some post-run stretching with Yoga for Runners Part 2 from  Christine, author of the love life surf blog, states “[These poses] target the key muscles used for running and thus, are the ones that are most likely in need of some love – hamstrings, calves, hip flexors, ankles and groin.”

Poses included; Yoga-for-Runners

  • Low lunge
  • Pyramid pose
  • Hip opening lunge
  • Eagle pose
  • Double pigeon pose

If you missed Friday’s post, check it out here for lovelifesurf’s Yoga for Runners Part 1.

The #independencearmy  challenges are below if you are still following those.  The rest of the poses are beyond our beginner yoga limitations, so we will not be attempting days 24-31… if you can do them, by all means, please do!  Someday, we may be able to join you 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.40.36 PM

Today’s run was tough, mentally and physically.  It was hot.  It was hilly.  We had several reasons and excuses that we could have canceled and sat on our bums.  But we logged our miles and got it done!  Even though running is sometimes something we have to squeeze in, something we don’t want to do, we do it.  And in the end, we love it.



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Yoga Challenge Day 24

Day #24  lululemon-athletica_416x416-300x300 Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 7.45.35 AM

It was group run day.  Group one did 3 miles easy and group two did 4 miles, a little bit faster.  A great run for everyone!  No matter your pace or distance, we always say… “Anything is better than nothing!”

At the end of the run, we stretched it out (along with a few high fives) and everyone went their separate ways.

On running days, yoga often takes the form of stretching either before and/or after the run.  Today’s sequence comes from Yoga for Runners from ~

  • Forward fold/ragdoll (lower back and hamstrings)
  • Downward dog (hamstrings, calves, ankles, shoulders)
  • One legged dog/downward dog split (bend at knee to open hip flexors)
  • Downward dog twist (hamstring and side of body)
  • Triangle pose (hamstrings, calves, hips, IT band, outer shins)
  • Lizard and/or Pigeon (hips!)


The #independencearmy  challenge is Side Crow.  Check out one of our very own ptown run club members, Lan, rocking it after our group run tonight!

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.40.36 PMScreen Shot 2014-07-24 at 10.48.41 PM


Here’s a quote to close the night with…  whether you are just getting into running, you are a newbie yogi or maybe entering the fitness scene all together…



Don’t forget this!  We all start somewhere.


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Yoga Challenge Day 20 – more yoga for runners

Day #20  

[t gellenbeck]

I was THIS close to going to lululemon polaris for yoga this morning as they have Sunday Fundays aka FREE yoga classes and today was my FAV yoga studio, Harbor.  BUT the typical lazy Sundays set in and I lounged at home with my men and missed the class.  I did make it there at the end of the class, however, just in time to stalk the instructors and use the gift card the hubby got me for our anniversary last week.  And of course, got a Starbucks.  So it was a nice little start to the day!

Bought this adorable STUFF YOUR BRA running tank ———->   Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.24.06 PM

You can stuff it with tissues if you want, but its meant to hold your keys or gels or cash or whatever you carry around on your runs.  Its moisture wicking and their Luxtreme fabric that feels amazing.

So excited to use it!

Anyhow, I have really grown to love yoga this year, but I am still a runner at heart.  So today was more YOGA FOR RUNNERS.  We have information on our blog, but here are some more highlights on the benefits of yoga for runners.

Yoga at Gazelle Sports (from yesterday’s post) states that yoga…

  • is a perfect cross-training activity to help prevent running injuries and pain
  • will help with stress in your body and mind
  • strengthens your balance and elongate your muscles

Christine from Christine Felstead’s Yoga for Runners says yoga will…

  • Strengthen your body by using muscles you don’t use when you run
  • Improve your breathing and can actually improve your VO2 max
  • Deepen your mind/body connection

She states that runners often JUST want to run [I used to be in this category] but that yoga can help you run safer, smarter, stronger and healthier!

So anyhow, I didn’t make it out for a run today, but I did do this Yoga for Runner’s sequence:

c3e4d6c33679a5f0dc8001716b2df1fe For more detailed information, visit the site HERE.

The #independencearmy  challenge is Galavasana or Flying Pigeon.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.40.36 PMScreen Shot 2014-07-21 at 12.05.44 AM

Watch Kino model it HERE in her video.  She makes everything look so easy and graceful!  

We leave you with this inspiration… two yoga poses I can hopefully conquer someday!


Night night 🙂

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Ninja Warriors, Spartans & Yoga day 19 [yoga for runners]

Ninja WHAT?   Kacy

If you have seven minutes to spare and are into fitness, competitions and overall awesomeness, check out this video on Kacy Catanza, the first female Ninja Warrior to advance past the finals on the American Ninja Warriors television series.

Kacy is a former gymnast turned, well, NINJA!  If you are interested in her training routine which consists of clean eating end exercise (duh!) you can read more HERE.

She is definitely on our list of amazing female athletes that we will be following.  Go Kacy!


Speaking of Ninjas, what about Spartans? 

Are you SPARTAN strong? This obstacle race series has three exciting announcements…

  1. They have recently partnered with Runner’s World
  2. They are bringing the race [three distance options] to OH-IO on October 4th
  3. They have donated a FREE registration to Living Fit Columbus readers/runners as a giveaway!


Check this one minute video to get an idea of what the race is like…

Check back soon for more details on the Spartan race series and our FREE ENTRY giveaway!  If you can’t wait for more info, visit for details and training information.


Day #19 Yoga Challenge 

We had a four mile group run this morning (nice job ladies!) so we will do a yoga for runners sequence to stretch out.  Thanks to Yoga at Gazelle Sports for the sequence.


The #independencearmy  challenge is Mukta Hasta Sirsasana C, which according to Kino is the hardest of the unsupported headstands.  Since we haven’t quite mastered headstand, we won’t attempt this one today.  But good luck if you can do it!

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.40.36 PM


Lastly, your quote of the day…


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Yoga Challenge – Day 10 [yoga for runners]

Day #10  

town run club Thursdays @6:30PM

ptown run club Thursdays @6:30PM, Historic Dublin

Today we have our ptown run club group run, Yay!  Come and join us!

We are doing this BOOTCAMP style & will work our 10 minutes of daily yoga into our run tonight…

1.  Quarter mile warm up walk, light dynamic stretching (if needed)

2.  One and a half mile warm-up run at conversational pace

3.  Runner’s choice!  Either…

  • Run another mile out (1/2 mile out, 1/2 mile back to us)  OR 
  • lululemon’s Pre-run poses & stretches for better running & some other moves [plank, mountain climbers, burpees, whatever you’re feelin’]

4.  One and a half mile run back at your push pace [pick it up a bit from your warm-up run] or conversational, whatever you’re feelin’

5. lululemon’s Post-run poses & stretches for better recovery – modifications if we can’t find a wall


6. Chug water.  Smile.  🙂 Done!



The #IndependenceArmy challenge pose for the day is a modified plank, so we worked that into our workout above as well.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.40.36 PM


Inspirational quote of the day… 

So many inspirational running & yoga quotes here, we’ll just give you the whole thing!