FIT-spiration [10 facts about Christine!]

FITspirationLiving Fit [Columbus] run crew member highlight – Christine Loncaric    Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 5.17.38 PM

Expertise: Christine was active while growing up (dance and cheerleading mostly), and after graduating college, bounced between cardio machines, free weights, and some group fit classes.  She found a passion for personal fitness and a healthy lifestyle a few years ago, which grew even deeper after becoming a mom in 2013.  Though she would previously not have considered herself a runner, she challenged herself to run The Nationwide Children’s Hospital 1/2 Marathon in 2014. After registering [and slightly panicking] she found the Living Fit Columbus group shortly after, and hasn’t stopped running since!  She has since completed two half marathons, is signed up for the fall Columbus half again this year, plus many other races. Along with running, she has fallen in love with yoga as a way to cross train and build both mental and physical strength.

Ten FIT facts about Christine   

  • What is your motivation for LIVING FIT? “I have always had an awareness of fitness and the need for a Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 5.18.01 PMhealthy lifestyle, but found a new dedication once I had a child in 2013. Not only do I want to be a good example for my daughter, but I have realized how important it is to have a healthy outlet for myself. I am a better wife, mom, friend and co-worker when I am taking care of myself, and for me that means solid work outs and a balanced diet.”
  • What does your diet look like?  “It’s all about balance for me! I honestly love healthy foods – lean proteins, greens, healthy grains, fruits and veggies — and these things make up a large marjority of what I eat on a daily basis. But, I am also not afraid to indulge and treat myself too! My absolute favorite foods to eat are big salads, pizza, greek yogurt & berries, sweet potatoes, bananas & chicken wings. Nice mix, right!?? And add a glass of bubbly and I am 100% happy! I know food is fuel for my body and try to use it as such, but life’s too short to beat yourself up for treats [pizza, chicken wings, whatever!] here and there.”
  • What does your typical exercise routine look like? “I run about 3x a week, and incorporate a combo of yoga, boot camp classes or HIIT workouts throughout the week as well. My goal is to sweat 6 days a week!”
Some of Christine’s Favorite Things… 
  • FIT place around Columbus: The running trails in Dublin & the many yoga studios around town — current favorites are Harbor Yoga and V Power Yoga.
  • Healthy Meal/Food/Recipe: I always start my day with a big & healthy breakfast (and coffee of course!). My two favorite weekday breakfasts are: greek yogurt topped with chia seeds, fresh (or frozen) berries, chopped up banana, raw oats, and a sprinkle of sweetened granola; OR scrambled eggs with bell peppers, roasted sweet potatoes, topped with salsa and an avocado (if in season).
  • Race Distance: This is always changing for me. Half marathon for the sense of accomplishment after   Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 5.17.09 PMmonths of training. But I love 5Ks and the challenge of keeping up speed for 5 milers or 10Ks
  • Yoga Pose: I love doing a series 5 or so basic sun salutations to center my mind and get my blood flowing. My current goals are to keep working on improving my crow pose, and to be able to do headstand away from the wall.
  • Pump up music: I love a good pop song with a strong beat while running — I use the Women’s Running Magazine playlists on Spotify and love them!
  • Favorite Workout gear: For running I love my Under Armour Women’s UA HeatGear Armour Sports Bra; Lululemon Speed Tights; and Spibelt to hold my phone when I’m running alone or fuel when on long runs. For yoga I need my Under Armour headbands and prefer Lululemon Wunder Under pants. I also love my Bend Active Columbus pants and LFC tank to wear around town!
Any words of wisdom or advice for those looking to get [or stay] FIT? “A truly healthy lifestyle didn’t stick for me until I let go of the idea that I should work out and eat less so I could achieve a goal weight. Now, I acknowledge my body for all the things it does for me — it carried a beautiful baby when doctors weren’t sure it would; it allows me to explore the world around me on foot as I run; it gives me energy and focus to do well at work so I can provide for my family; it allows me to hold plank a little longer, run a little faster so I can PR at a race, do a stronger, more controlled chaturanga during yoga, which help make my heart and muscles stronger. I acknowledge that I am lucky that, for me, this lifestyle means I accept my body AND I also now fit into a smaller size of clothing than I did a few years ago. But acceptance and appearance truly came after this became a lifestyle and not about holding myself to a regimen of consuming and burning specific calorie counts. Every body is different, and I love the lightness that has come with accepting mine for all it does and all I know it can do.”
More fun facts [that humble Christine would never say about herself!] 
  • She is one of our strongest [speediest!] runners and will often be the leader of our pack, even while pushing her little gal, Marj!
  • She helped create the Living Fit Columbus IG account & takes great fitness photos. 🙂
  • She PRd in her second half marathon, crushing her goal of breaking two hours.
  • She is one of the kindest, most humble, compassionate people you will ever meet!  So glad she found LFC!

    Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 5.45.19 PM

If that doesn’t leave you feeling inspired, nothing will!  Go get healthy!  🙂
Thanks for your time, C!

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FIT-spiration // 10 facts about Deedra!


Living Fit [Columbus] run crew member highlight – Deedra Nicolet


Deedra (left) & Teresa (right) pacing at the HOKA Cbus 10K

Deedra was with us when we started our original running group, ‘Hilliard Grand Run Club’ in the summer of 2012.  A sprinter at heart, she has grown fond of distance running over the past few years.  She usually saves her kick for the end of the run and is known to push us to finish strong.  “D” is also a cyclist lover and races for the Pelatonia each year.

As a side note, I [Teresa] am so thankful for Deedra’s dedication to running!  She kept our group going during my maternity leave, kept me motivated post-partum and even talks us into cold winter runs – must be her Wisconsin frozen-tundra roots!  She also just convinced me to be a pacer for the first time ever… and helped us finish right on track!

Ten FIT facts about Deedra  

Favorite way to sweat: Running.  Although distance running is slowly growing on her, shorter distances are her preference.  A former sprinter, she typically ran the 100 and 200 m dash.

Fuel/Diet:  She does not get too caught up in dieting, counting calories, etc.  Everything in moderation.

Favorite FIT places around Columbus:    

  • Running…
    • Dublin Rd trail, where our Living Fit group runs
    • Hilliard’s Rail to Trail path
  • RPAC on campus, as she works at the OSU Medical Center

Favorite cross-training activities: Biking & Pilates  Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 5.34.49 PM

Go-to healthy meal or snack: Fruit, mostly berries

Cheat meals?  Chocolate [loves milk] and pizza!

Race distance: 5K

Workout music of choice: ipod goes on shuffle, usually country with a sprinkle of 80s rock

Workout gear of choice: Underarmor pants, Nike sports tanks & tops

FIT goals:

  • Mile Goals: 12+ miles/week
  • Mat Goals: 120 minutes/week

One more question (I think this now makes 11).  Since we often end our runs at Winans coffee shop, what’s your go-to order?   Hot chocolate!

Thanks D!

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Tour of Columbus [The Butcher Shop Fitness]

We first visited The Butcher Shop Fitness back in January when we were testing out our Class Pass.  Rachel Wilson had told us about it during our interview with her and Class Pass highly recommended it.  On one visit we tried Lagree Fitness and on another visit, a few girls took the spin class.  We were impressed!  Very challenging workouts, a clean facility and welcoming staff. IMG_8223

IMG_8218“The Science of Lagree Fitness” explains benefits of the Megaformer class including

muscle tension, progressive overloading, cardio and more

IMG_8216Too focused on form to smile… but did enjoy it!


We were excited to take another visit with our Living Fit run crew a few weekends ago, this time with Rachel as our instructor. The Lagree Fitness class uses the Megaformer machine and has been referred to as ‘Pilates on Crack.’ You utilize a slow, controlled movement and WILL shake & burn!

Their website explains the workout as follows; Our Butcher Shop Group Class is a 50 minutes of Lagree Fitness, a high energy, body transforming workout. The class incorporates strength training, cardio, core strengthening, stretching and endurance. Butcher Shop Group Classes are all-inclusive classes meant to be a one-stop solution replacing the cardio elements of your workout in addition to the muscle building elements. Our classes are dedicated to creating long lean muscles increasing endurance and flexibility.

Here’s a photo recap…



Instructor Rachel, giving the girls hands-on instruction and correction




Aggie striking a pose after class


Team Living Fit Columbus with Lagree instructor, Rachel Wilson

Rachel is a great instructor, providing hands on correction, visual examples & easy-to-understand explanations.  Equally as important is her upbeat encouraging vibe, great music selection and willingness to pose for post-sweat group photos. 🙂 We’ve also taken several of her barre-OM classes in which she uniquely combines her love of barre and yoga.

The Butcher Shop is definitely a good place to check out if you want to challenge your body with something new!  The classes are a change from our norm of running and yoga, which is always a good thing for your fitness routine.

Other details:

  • Location ~ German Village  IMG_8217
  • Cost ~ Drop in Lagree Fitness classes are normally $23, but first-timers can test it out for only $10.  Bulk Class Pass, Monthly Memberships and more are available.  Spin classes & passes can also be purchased separately.
  • Need to bring ~ if doing the Lagree class, you’ll need non-slip “grip” socks, although they do have loaners
  • Parking ~ plenty of onsite parking


[Guest post blogger S Palmer] 

Cassie Ho;  entrepreneur, blogger, fitness instructor.  We’ve all made our way to her blog, Blogilates; Fitness, Food & POP Pilates – or channel some how. It could’ve been through a friend or perhaps it simply came up on your recommended YouTube. It doesn’t matter how you found her, it’s just important that you did.  Her workout videos are helping thousands of women (and men) across the globe to get fit and eat clean. But at the same time, she’s made it fun… wait what? Exercise fun? I’m fifteen (almost sixteen, if that’s important) and through some quick blogilates videos and healthy snack suggestions, I was sucked into this lifestyle as well.

In addition to her videos, Cassie has also written a book, started her own clothing line & produced products including water bottles & yoga mats.  Many products feature various inspirational mottos, trying to spread encouragement whenever you may need it…

  • Train like a Beast, look like a Beauty  Happily
  • Dream it, Do it
  • Rise and Shine, Exercise Time
  • Healthy is Happy
  • Happily Ever Active
  • Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow

Cassie has inspired millions of viewers and readers to have an active and healthy life; still making it fun in the process. Which is honestly what a lot of us need, especially when we think we’re too busy or it’s too hard.

Watching her videos or reading her blog posts make it feel like you have a personal connection with her.  Which is most of how I think she’s gotten this huge fan base. That’s the best part though, all she’s done is be herself and through this, changed the lives of millions of people.

Keep it up Cassie!

Photo credits to

Sunday Shoutout, FIT Spotlight & Tour of Columbus [Rachel Kerr]

We have been lucky enough to meet up with Rachel Kerr several times in the last couple of months.  We first met over coffee and have since collaborated on some fun fitness projects.

A little bit about Rachel…     Rachel K-11-2

Rachel grew up in West Virginia and has lived in Columbus for the last ten years.  She’s spent years working in marketing & events, yet recently realized she’d be much happier working in her yoga pants!  Rachel followed her passion and sought out to complete her 200 hour YTT certification, while planning The Beauty Barre, a space for women to be empowered.  Her BB site has plenty of goodies for the fitness lover including healthy recipes, powerful workouts, killer retreats and a daily dose of happiness.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 6.22.04 PM

When she isn’t planning events or teaching yoga classes, Rachel spends time with family & friends.  She loves all things healthy, including yoga, barre, hiking, biking, boating and anything involving the outdoors.  We keep hoping she’ll join us for a run sometime!

As of this interview, she is busy teaching at VUE Columbus, V Power Yoga, Bend Active, System of Strength and Fair Trade Yoga Studios.

Rachel K-12


We’ve been touring Columbus to visit Rachel at various locations.  Our first class with her was a hot Vinyasa Power Flow at VUE Columbus.  It was a beautiful venue and surprisingly, heated right up, even in the middle of winter.  We enjoyed her 60 minute flow and all [of course] headed for coffee after.







Our latest collaboration was a RUN + YOGA event at Bend Active. The runners met at Bend for a 3.1 mile loop around Upper Arlington – check out our route HERE.



After the run, Rachel led us in a 30 minute YOGA FOR RUNNERS class, focusing on stretching, hip openers and specific poses & sequences great for runners looking to cross-train, gain flexibility and/or prevent injury.  Check out our previous post on Running, Yoga & Hips and check out our flow below!

Rachel K-1

Rachel K-2


Rachel K-4

Rachel K-5

Rachel K-7

Rachel K-10


Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 6.59.33 PM

We did a little Q & A with Rachel on all things FIT.  Here is what she had to say…

What is your motivation for LIVING FIT?

I want to feel good and live life to the full potential. It’s hard to do that when you feel sluggish, mentally unhealthy, or just unhappy in your skin.

What does your daily diet look like?

I eat ALOT. A past roommate once told me it’s funny how much I eat. Due to that I try to eat pretty healthy, but I don’t prohibit myself from anything. I typically have a protein shake and coffee in the morning, mid morning snack of apple and peanut butter, salad with pita for lunch, mid evening snack of randomness and dinner to include veggies, fish and some type of potato. I believe red wine and chocolate should definitely be included in the food pyramid.

We definitely agree!

What are your favorite ways to sweat?   

Power Vinyasa Yoga or some type of boot camp class. It’s really hard for me to workout alone so I love the energy and atmosphere a class and instructor bring.

We are big on meeting for coffee after runs.  What is your go-to coffee shop beverage?

I’m pretty plain jane…I just love good old fashioned coffee.

Some of your favorite FIT things?

  • FIT place around Columbus:  System of Strength & Native Cold Pressed
  • Healthy eat(s): Chocolate Banana Protein Shake ~ chocolate powder, organic peanut butter, almond milk, banana, ice
  • Inspirational mantra: Live the life you’d be envious of if you saw someone else living it

Tell us more about The Beauty Barre!  

It’s a space for women to come to be empowered, healthy and beautiful. We do this through awesome workouts, restorative retreats, accountability partners, health and life coaching while surrounding you with a community of inspiring and like-minded women.

Any words of wisdom for others who want to begin or continue a FIT lifestyle?

Just start somewhere; you don’t have to wake up at 5am with a green juice or be able to run a marathon. Healthy looks different for everyone.

Anything else you would want us to know?

I love traveling [Guatemala and Aruba recently] and exploring new adventures!

Rachel K-8

We have really enjoyed getting to know Rachel and look forward to many future fitness encounters. 

Most photos taken by Living Fit Columbus.  Other photo and info credits to The Beauty Barre.

Sunday Shoutout & Fitness Spotlight [Rachel Wilson, barre-OM]

Fit Spotlight title

I met up with Rachel last week for coffee (well, I got coffee, she got a smoothie) and got to talk to her  Wilson-12-(ZF-2689-65626-1-011)about yoga, barre and all things sweaty! I loved how friendly and down to earth she was. She had me laughing during the entire interview and I’m excited to take one of her upcoming classes.  Here is a glimpse at Rachel Wilson, founder of the barre-OM method.

Expertise:  Rachel moved to Columbus in 2013 and hit the ground running on the fitness scene.  We could impress you with a list of accolades she has accomplished during her ‘day jobs’  ~  teaching, law, volunteerism ~ but we’ll keep her accomplishments fitness related since this is a fitness blog!  You can read more about Rachel’s notable law & teaching background HERE.

Although Rachel is highly accomplished in many fields, her passion and calling is health & wellness. She holds many fitness certifications including Lagree Fitness, Indoor Cycling [Schwinn] and a Yoga Certification [Yoga Alliance, RYT 200].  She was also originally certified through B. Fit Barre in DC, and has now become the founder of her own method, barre-OM [keep reading for more info!].  She teaches at several boutique fitness studios around Columbus including PAI Yoga & Fitness, The Butcher Shop Fitness, Grow Yoga, Replenish:  the spa co-op and one of our local favorites, the apparel store, Bend Active.  Grow Yoga states, “Rachel strives to make her vinyasa classes challenging, playful, and inspiring, with the ultimate hope that everyone leaves her classes with a smile.”  You can visit her full bio on Grow Yoga’s website HERE.

Q & A’s with Rachel

Why do you live a FIT life?

I come from a family of athletes and coaches who love sports and I grew up playing volleyball, basketball and running track.  I played Division I basketball at the University of Pennsylvania and over time, injuries led me to pursue lower impact fitness options.  Exercise allows me to feel like myself; peaceful, strong, healthy, and happy.  I feel like I’m my best self when I’m doing yoga – its my moving meditation.

What’s your diet/fuel look like?

High protein, low carb. I love green smoothies & raw juices (has own juicer at home).

Why did you want to become a fitness instructor?

After falling in love with barre during law school, I wanted to become an instructor for several reasons.  My body changed significantly after taking barre regularly for several months and I want other people to see that they too can change their bodies in significant part by adding barre fitness to their routines.  I want women to realize that you can be strong and fit, even though you may not necessarily be a size 2. I also yearn to share my love of barre and fitness generally with people of all shapes, ages, races, fitness levels, cultures and experiences.   I hope to add greater diversity to the barre and yoga communities in Columbus, Ohio, and elsewhere as well.

Also, there is no greater feeling than witnessing a client having a breakthrough.  There are moments in class when I can see clients mentally deciding whether they will give up or if they will keep fighting to stay in the position, to allow their legs to tremble uncontrollably, and to endure the burning sensation they are feeling during what some might call “controlled muscle failure.”  Every single time that a client makes a decision to fight, to continue to push themselves, it is awe-inspiring, humbling, and motivating.  I want clients to realize that if they can be comfortable being uncomfortable in barre class, they can endure and thrive in challenging situations in everyday life as well.


Tell me about barre-OM?  I’ve heard great things, what’s all the buzz about?

Barre-OM is a fusion of my two passions – yoga and barre.  Its unique in several ways;

  1. Yoga inspired. Barre-OM gives you lots of traditional barre exercises which consist of small isometric movements, but also combines other techniques and benefits that yogis love.
  2. Offers modifications for all skill levels, injuries, pregnancy, etc. Everyone’s body is different & barre-OM allows them to practice safely and effectively.
  3. Anatomical explanations provided.  People deserve to know how each movement is benefiting their body!
  4. Class is challenging, but fun.  You’ll get in a great workout and leave sweaty & happy!
  5. Sense of community. I enjoy getting to know clients and helping them connect with each other.

I teach barre-OM myself, as well as license it to various yoga studios (currently offered at PAI Dublin, PAI Gahanna (soon), Replenish, Bend Active and Detroit Barre).

Rachel barre

Some of Rachel’s Favorite Things

  • Favorite ways to sweat: Vinyasa & Bikram [yoga], Lagree, Barre, Spinning
  • Favorite yoga pose:  Half moon – strength, balance, focus, openness
  • Favorite FIT place(s) around Columbus: Grow, PAI, Butcher Shop, Cycle 614, Bikram Hot Yoga Columbus, Replenish: the spa co-op
  • Favorite cheat meal: any kind of pasta
  • Favorite music – Beyonce. Period.

Anything else we should know about you?

I LOVE watching the NFL! My cousin is the QB for the Seahawks, so of course, that’s my team!

Can’t wait to try a class!  Where can we find you?

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 12.26.13 PM

Rachel lives near downtown Columbus and recently got engaged.  I look forward to taking her classes, sweatin’ it out to some Beyonce and hearing about the wedding plans!  


Photos courtesy of Rachel Wilson

Midweek Shoutout [Fair Trade Yoga Studio]

Fair Trade Yoga Studio | Powell, Ohio

[by t gellenbeck]

We first met Sherry Hoff, owner of the new yoga studio FAIR TRADE YOGA, at our Run+Yoga event at Bend Active a few weeks back.  She kindly donated her time to offer a yoga session after our 3-4 mile run!

Bend Run Yoga-6Living Fit Columbus Run+Yoga Event @ Bend Active, Dec 2014

I then caught up with Sherry at her soon-to-open studio in Powell.  She showed me around and shared her goals, vision & grand plans for offering fitness classes in her new space.  She was still finishing up some construction and decorating, but here is a quick look…

Fair Trade Yoga-4Her logo… the outdoor sign wasn’t up yet

Fair Trade Yoga-3

Reception area ~ yogis can check in, store personal items and eventually purchase hydration & apparel

Fair Trade Yoga-1-2Where the magic sweat happens! 

Sherry’s style and studio will offer a variety of yoga techniques and classes.  On her website she states, “I offer specialized Yogic plans for all people. There are many paths of Yoga to explore and two of the most common ways to begin a personal practice are through the physical practice (Asanas) or through Meditation Yoga (Raja). I bring both of these together, to create and teach a holistic approach to the mind and body!” 

Fair Trade Yoga-5

Fair Trade will offer a variety of classes including heated [85-95 degrees], Power Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Slow Flow, Restorative, Guided Meditation and even kids’ classes.

I also got to meet up with Rachel Kerr, owner of The Beauty Barre [over coffee, of course!]  She is a super sweet yogi, deserving of her own blog post all together [stay tuned!]  Rachel will be teaching at Fair Trade and offers a power vinyasa style.  She likes a fun, powerful workout, upbeat music and encourages you to sweat, sweat, sweat!  Looking forward to taking her class and getting to know more about The Beauty Barre in 2015.

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 3.43.36 PMRachel Kerr, yoga instructor & Beauty Barre founder [Photo credit to]

Grand Opening Info

Fair Trade Yoga Studios has its Grand Opening Event this Sunday, January 4th from 1-4PM. The studio is located @ 36 North Liberty Street, Powell, OH 43065.

Why should you come?  Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 4.19.46 PM

  • live music
  • refreshments
  • discounted products and apparel from local vendors
  • sample/purchase Bend Active‘s new Columbus Legging [partnered with 614 Magazine & FIT Columbus]
  • giveaways & door prizes ~ one lucky yogi will win free yoga for ONE FULL YEAR!
  • Living Fit Columbus peeps participating in our #LFCwinterchallenge will earn week 5 challenge points for attending [anyone up for a group run?!]

To RSVP to the event [and be entered in the giveaways] email Sherry @


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

We took our first Vinyasa flow class with Sherry on a Saturday morning in January [2015].  It was a great class and we hope to return many times.  There is even a jogging trail nearby, so a run+yoga day perhaps?


IMG_8479 IMG_8478 IMG_8477 IMG_8476  IMG_8458


Sunday Shoutout! [NOOMA drink]

[by t gellenbeck]  nooma-sports-drink-eac1dd5adfd99236

NOOMA drink is one of my new favorites! Born & raised in Cleveland, it is slowly making its way to Columbus in various yoga and fitness studios, including our local Harbor Yoga Studio.

So what is it, exactly?

The company describes themselves in this way, “What started as a casual dinner conversation about issues with typical sports drinks, got the wheels turning… a clean hydrator to replace lost electrolytes without the acid and with only quality ingredients… NOOMA was born.”

LOVE. this. brand.

Like really, love it.  Not only the product itself, but the people behind it!

Five things I love about NOOMA…

  • The product benefits ~ rehydrates and replaces electrolytes needed after an intense sweat session like a run or hot yoga class.
  • The taste ~ not too syrupy, no tangy aftertaste, no acid… just a clean, smooth drink ~ CherryLime & Mangosteen are my favs.
  • Low sugar, woo hoo!
  • The team & their ‘grassroots’ style ~ talk about DOWN TO EARTH, genuinely nice people!  Their marketing guru, Leigh, networked with our running group, came to be a guest speaker for my business/marketing class… love a company that is willing to help, network, share time and products.  They really believe in giving back and getting involved in the local community, our favorite way to connect!
  • Social media ~ as a blogger, photographer & business teacher, imagery & social content really intrigue me.  @drinknooma on Instagram is one of my favorites, lots of great stuff!

I’ve tried a LOT of rehydrating beverages including SOS, Gatorade, NUN, Powerade, VitaCoco… NOOMA is hands down my favorite and I can’t wait for it to make its way around Columbus!


Fitness challenge & Bend Active Grand Opening!

We are excited to announce a mini run/yoga event at Bend Active‘s new store this Sunday to kickoff our Living Fit Winter Challenge & Bend Active’s Grand Opening!  Bend-3

When: Sunday, Dec 7th 11AM-12:30PM
Where: Bend Active, The Shoppes on Lane Ave, 1595 Lane Ave, Upper Arlington, 43221

  • Enter the Living Fit Winter Challenge
    • You do NOT have to be present at this event to join our challenge ~ however, you earn week 1 bonus points for attending and will be given a brief overview of challenge details
    • You DO have to attend at least one group activity during the 8 week challenge to be eligible for prizes
    • You can check out the leaderboard from last year’s challenge HERE
  • 20-30 min run starting and ending at Bend Active’s new Lane Ave location
  • 20-30 min vinyasa yoga session [post-run] lead by Sherry Hoff of Fair Trade Yoga Studio
  • Enter a raffle for items from Bend Active and Fair Trade Yoga Studio




Come for the run, the yoga, the goodies, the photos or all of the above! 

Hope to see you there!

Local active wear = double thumbs up!

We LOVE shopping and supporting local brands.  So when we found out there was a Dublin-based active wear company (think yoga & running, our favorite ways to sweat!) we were excited to check it out!

Bend Active shout out [by L Nguyen]Bend-Active-Logo

Bend Active.  Flexible. Strong. Resilient.

This is a local fitness apparel company I stumbled upon while Instagram-ing.  What caught my attention was their slogan; Flexible, Strong, Resilient.  Naturally as a yoga enthusiast, I was curious about what the company had to offer.

Keep in mind that I have tried a multitude of leggings out there and have narrowed down to very few that fit my everyday FIT lifestyle.  Within a week, I had my first pair (or 2) of Bend’s leggings.  Let’s just say that if I could get away with wearing these 24/7, I totally would!  I even have worn my black Karma Cropped to bed – they are simply that comfortable!  Based on wearing these leggings 4-5 days of the week….these are some thoughts on them…..


  • Shape holds up well even after several washes (I washed them multiple times within a week)
  • There is no tugging or bunching when moving, they stay put!
  • After a sweaty hot yoga class, they dried out fairly quickly; I didn’t track how long, just noticed it when I wore them to a HOT Harbor class and ran to the store after for a quick errand – they dried before I had even checked out!
  • They are comfortable enough to wear ALL-DAY-LONG! This is something I definitely look for. I have tried leggings before where the the elastic (waist or ankle) was constructed in a way that feels uncomfortable… not these!  100% comfy!
  • Fun patterns, including an AMAZING original design by THE Robert Sturman


  • To be honest, I couldn’t think of one. A possible con is I don’t have enough for a week and just need to buy a few more soon 🙂

We have really enjoyed testing these products and definitely plan to continue wearing them.  Check them out for yourself at!