If you run, you need good shoes. Period.

As we spend hours and miles out on the trail each week, we hear a lot of conversation about the right running shoe or “time to get new shoes!”  Although a good pair can cost a pretty penny, Runner’s World experts state, “If you want to stay healthy, fit, and injury-free, invest in a good pair of running shoes.”  And we agree!


Below are some questions we hear, as well as our own two-cents as recreational and somewhat experienced runners.

What is the best brand of shoe?

There is no best brand.  There are so many brands out there because all of them offer something unique to fit your personal preferences.  High arch.  Over-pronator.  Lots o’ cushion.  Minimalist (my fav).  Over the last ten years as a distance runner, the most commonly purchased and highly spoken of running brands I’ve personally encountered include Saucony, Brooks, Mizuno and Asics.  I’ve owned each of these and liked them all.  But there are a TON of other great brands out there too, so find something that works for you!

I’m a creature of habit in some ways.  Once I find something I love – a dessert, a good red wine, running shoes – I’m usually loyal to the end.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to try new things and be adventurous, but I’ll always come back to those old faithfuls.  For me personally, my go-to running shoe is the Saucony Kinvara.  It’s a lightweight, neutral shoe that I LOVE (I’m on my fifth pair/edition).



Kinvara 8 will be released soon and as Saucony says is Comin’ in HOT!  Photo credit: Saucony

I also recently acquired the Saucony Freedom which is similar to the Kinvara, but with more cushioning.  I save those for long & double digit run days, to make my knees a little happier.


Saucony Freedom with EVERRUN cushioning.  Photo credit: Saucony

What is the right type of shoe for me? 

GO GET FITTED.  Let me repeat, GO GET FITTED.  I HIGHLY recommend you go to your local shoe store to do a run-fit and have an expert find the pair that is best for you.  Heck, while you’re there, some runners even get TWO pairs and rotate them, depending on your mileage.  Stores around Columbus that are especially helpful include Columbus Running Co (also called CRC, my go-to store), Fleet Feet and Front Runner.  CRC does a lot of demonstrations with various brands during their Saturday morning runs, check out their website and events list for upcoming shoe demos.  The Dublin location is owned by Eric Fruth a super-cool, knowledgeable Cbus running expert!

Things to consider…

  • Pronation – I personally underpronate, meaning I have a little more impact on the outside part of my feet/shoes.  Therefore, I am in a neutral shoe.  I could probably move up from a minimalist to a more cushioned shoe, but I like the lightweight feeling and haven’t had any problems (until I hit double digit runs).  Check out this great article & some videos about pronation from Runner’s World.
  • Arch – low, medium, high… plays into your shoe fit. Maybe you’ll need arch support or even orthodics (like my husband).
  • Cushion – pending your pronation, arch, mileage and just general preference, you may need more or less cushion for quality impact support.

Style, color, price may play into your decision as well, but should be less important than the criteria listed above!

How do you know when its time for a new pair?  

Many runners keep track of the miles on the shoe and then replace.  According to TheRunnersGuide.com, The generally accepted consensus is runners will require a new pair of running shoes every 300-500 miles.”  I’ve never been able to track that and typically just buy a new pair for each spring and fall training season.  I run an average of 15-20 miles per week, give or take, and typically train for a quarter or half marathon each season.  So two pairs per year works for me.  When my knees start hurting on a long run, its almost ALWAYS because I’m in a shoe that has too many miles.  And off to CRC I go!

Any other tips or favorites?  Here are a few from some runners in our crew…

  • “I was a Mizuno WaveRider girl for 14 years… but just recently tried the Brooks Ghost and LOVE them!  Neutral shoe, so comfy!” -Amanda R
  • “Asics gt-2000 series” -Lauren & Leah  // Amanda C just switched to Aasics too!
  • “I like my Mizuno Wave Paradox.  My feet are not great so I need a shoe with a lot of support.” -Deedra
  • “I don’t have a favorite and get whatever the expert fits me in!  I like a lot of arch support and cushion.  I have several pairs of different brands & switch it up!” -Peggy
  • “Saucony ISO Triumphs!” -Christine
  • “Brooks Glycerine!  The key is sizing up a full size and getting personal inserts.” -Jen

I (Teresa) used to wear Brooks Glycerine before switching to Saucony.  My husband loves them too.  Great shoe!

Thanks for reading!  Let us know if you have a favorite running shoe, questions about shoes, running or just ideas for future posts.  For more of our favorite FIT brands, check out our Brands we Heart page.

Photo credits to the following IG accounts: @LivingFitColumbus  @Saucony  @ColumbusRunning

The 2017 Winter Challenge has started!

Our 2017 Living Fit Columbus Winter Challenge kicked off yesterday!  Bonus points could be earned by attending the Taste of Fitness, organized by the one and only Rachel of The Beauty Boost.  It was an amazing morning full of fitness, friends, new faces, refreshments (juice, coffee, peanut butter protein balls and more!) and a plethora of vendors & brands from the Columbus fit community.  Here are a few quick iPhone pics, check back for a full recap soon!

The eight week challenge helps us all stay motivated during the blah Ohio winter.  Email us at LivingFitColumbus@gmail.com if you’d like to join and stay tuned for updates along the way!

FIT-SPIRATION // 10 Facts About Peggy!


Living Fit [Columbus] run crew member highlight – Peggy Bohn

Peggy is Teresa’s mother & basically a stand in mom for all the girls in our running img_2532group!  With bachelor’s degrees in both nutrition and chemistry, she knows a lot about health and the science behind it.  She enjoys cooking healthy meals, meeting new fit-minded people and chasing around her grandkids.

As a side note, I [Teresa] am extremely inspired by my mom’s commitment to fitness & health.  She is a great example to myself and all those around her that hard work pays off.  I hope to be just like her when I grow up! 🙂

Ten FIT facts about Peggy   

What is your inspiration for Living Fit? 

Aging gracefully, being in good ‘heart’ health and keeping up with my grandchildren!  

What is your diet like?

Clean eating!  I love shopping at Whole Foods & Fresh Thyme, buying primarily organic items.  I aim for mostly vegetables, with a mix of lean proteins, berries, smoothies, nuts and the occasional treat.  One of my mother’s mottos was “Life’s uncertain, eat dessert first!”  I remind myself of this when searching for a chocolate delight. 🙂 

Some of Peggy’s favorite things…

Favorite way to sweat:  OTF.  I’m an addicted member at Orange Theory Fitness, Hilliard and go there 3-5 times per week.  I also attend most of the Living Fit Columbus group runs and activities through out the year.   I prefer walking over running and enjoy power & vinyasa yoga. fullsizerender

Favorite FIT places around Columbus:    

  • OTF!
  • Dublin Rd trail, where our Living Fit group runs
  • Harbor Yoga (whew, its HOT!) 
  • Mat Happy 

Cheat treat:  chocolate, although I often search for some with nuts to lower the glycemic index 

Cheat meal:  pizza  

Race distance:  Two feet. Ha!!  Although I enjoy walking and often make myself jog to get into the ‘orange zone’ I do not really enjoy distance races.  My daughter and I have done a few destination half marathons, but that is the longest distance I’ll ever train for.  If I had to choose, I’d definitely say a 5K.  

Workout gear of choice:  Bend Active

FIT goals:

  • Maintain my weight.  Finally under 130, thanks to clean eating, Living Fit gals and OTF! 
  • Stay healthy & active to keep up with my grandchildren; JP 3.5 years & Maddie Jane 10 months.

Overall Mantra:  For me, its a challenge to stay fit.  Its not easy.  Its hard work!  But if I want to be healthy and maintain my weight, I have to work for it.  My mother had a magnet on her fridge that read, “Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.” 

How do you take your coffee?  Black usually.  But only to be healthy.  I’d prefer cream! 

Thanks Peggy!  Or should I say, Mom!

Check out some of our previous interviews on our FIT-spotlight and Featured Success Stories pages.

Living Fit Cbus 2017 Winter Challenge Coming Soon!

Our 4th Winter Challenge is right around the corner!  We are in the final planning stages and enrollment will be open through Jan 22.  This will be an eight week FREE challenge in which you record your own successes (honor system), share them with our team for motivation & can even earn prizes along the way!

We will be working with Rachel from The Beauty Boost and Adam & Laura from Bend Active to coordinate a RUN+YOGA event, as well as promoting other exciting fitness opportunities.  The fun kicks off with the Beauty Boost’s TASTE OF FITNESS on Jan 15, one of many  bonus challenges promoted throughout the eight weeks.  Sign up soon as this event may sell out! *You do not have to attend the TOF to join the 8 week challenge* 

For previous challenges, check out our FITNESS & HEALTH CHALLENGES page.  For more information or to participate, email us at LivingFitColumbus@gmail.com – hope to see you in 2017, both on the mat & the trails!

Rachel K-7


Guest Post: Five Yoga Poses for Winter Glow

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We had plenty of time to shop, decorate for the holidays, find a tree, get some miles in with friends and of course, eat!

Although many of us may have overindulged in sweets this past weekend, its a whole new week and time to get our sweat on!  Yoga is one of our favorite ways to cross train for running and we love to hit the mat.  One of our readers, Beth Martel, submitted this guest post to get you back into the groove.

Guest post by Beth Martel: Five Yoga Poses for Winter Glow 

Winter is usually very rough on our skin. Many people experience dryness, paleness and dullness on their faces. The low temperature, indoor heat and outdoor cold can be damaging on the skin. The good news is that you no longer need to invest in heavy creams and serums for the cure. Yoga is here for your rescue! There are some beautiful yoga poses which can lead you towards fresh and young skin during the cold winter months. Yoga improves your blood circulation and increases the availability of vital nutrients. Increased blood circulation also speeds up the removal of cellular waste and toxins giving a fresh look to the skin.  So grab a mat and take a look at these five yoga poses that will help you get that dream winter glow!

1. The child’s pose:

The child’s yoga pose concentrates blood flow to the face which relaxes the mind. It is like dropping of all your worries on the yoga mat and forgetting all the stressors. Take a few deep breaths while you are in this pose. For doing the child’s yoga pose, bend your thighs and stretch your face ahead just like you are facing the ground.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 2.30.07 PM.png

Figure 1: Child’s pose image via one of our fav yoga studios, VPower Yoga 

2. The (straddle) forward bend:

This yoga pose will oxygenate your body and the weight will fall off your shoulders and back. Take about 8-10 breaths in this pose. Take your feet and legs wider than your shoulders and bend down over your legs. Now, touch your arms to your ankles.

Sidenote from Living Fit & Pop Sugar:  this is a great stretch for runners to get those hammies (hamstrings) lengthened… muscles all too commonly shortened by distance running! 


Figure 2: Straddle forward bent pose; image via PopSugar 

3. The shoulder stand:

In this pose, your blood flow would be reversed and your flow will be greatly increased. This helps reduce stagnation which is common in winter & leads to many skin issues such as wrinkles and acne.  Take your feet and legs hanging up in the air and just lie a little on your shoulders.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 2.37.06 PM.png

Figure 3: Shoulder stand image via @yoga_whisperer

4. The wheel pose:

The wheel pose requires you to lower down on all your four limbs. To follow the wheel pose, bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor. Bring your hands to the place near your face and press your palms onto the ground. In this pose, your elbows would be facing the sky. Keep holding this breath for 10 breaths and relax.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 2.43.30 PM.png

Figure 4: Wheel pose image via LivingFit Columbus & Sherry Fair of Fair Trade Yoga

5. The corpse pose:

The corpse pose (or as we like to call it, Savasan!) is the easiest and the simplest yoga method one can do. It just involves laying on your back and focuses on relieving stress and tension from your body. You will notice that your skin, face, jaw and sinuses are relaxing. For this pose just lie straight on your back and relax!


Figure 5:  Corpse pose image via @HarborYogaStudios

Author Bio:

This post was written by Beth Martel. She is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. She blogs Amazon reviews and products at HealthyRecharge.com.



Ohio State Four Miler / “Finish On The 50” takes place tomorrow morning!

The 4th Annual Ohio State Four Miler takes place tomorrow, Sunday, Oct 23!  The event is a celebration of football and fitness that “finishes on the 50” of Ohio Stadium. This race sold out for the fourth straight year and is the largest 4-mile run / walk in the nation with 15,000 participants, up from its debut in 2013 of 10,000. 4miler_logo

The race takes place at 10 AM at Ohio Stadium. It begins in the parking lot on the Southwest Side of Ohio Stadium and finishes on the 50-yard line. The Start Stage will be located adjacent to Cannon Drive.  The FREE Race Day Tailgate Party will also be held in the parking lot on the Southwest Side of Ohio Stadium from 9 AM to 1 PM.

Special guests include Buckeye Greats such as Anthony Schlegel, Bobby Carpenter, Matt Finkes, JJ Sullinger, Ryan Miller, Lauren Shenk Miller, Terrence Dials, Jake Ballard, Scoonie Penn, Justin Zwick and Brutus Buckeye. Shelley Meyer will serve as the event’s Honorary Race Director.

The Ohio State Four-Miler is a partnership between Ohio State Sports Marketing/IMG, the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer and M3S Sports. A portion of the proceeds benefits the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer and the Urban and Shelley Meyer Fund For Cancer Research.

(Photo by Terry Gilliam)

Photo credit: Terry Gilliam

Peggy, Deedra, Teresa, Joey ; LF Cbus Run Club Crew

Peggy, Deedra, Teresa, Joey ; LF Cbus Run Crew @ the inaugural “Finish on the 50” 2013


Good luck to all the runners, walkers & participants.  Send us your pictures, we’d love to feature them!



#WhyIRun // Race recaps & reflections

We had a lot of friends in and around Columbus running various races last weekend, including the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Half & Full, and the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon.


Some running goals included…

  • Running ‘for fun’ just to get out there and tour the city
  • Chasing a new PR
  • Running their first _________ (fill in the blank!) ~ a few first time marathoners and a postpartum momma doing her first post-baby half

Here are some race recaps and insights into why they run!

Allison Jasper, Columbus Marathon Finisher


“My journey to 26.2 began long before I started running.  Over 12 years ago I was dating a guy who ran marathons.  I didn’t even run, so we certainly didn’t have that in common, but I thought I’d see where things went…..  We just celebrated 10 years of marriage this past June!  My hubby got me into running six years ago, after having two babies in 17 months. I could barely run a mile!  I ran my first half in 2011, and have ran a total of six since.  Each time my husband would ask, “could you imagine only being half way done?”  No way!  Last March while I was training for the Cap City Half Marathon, a friend sent me a text asking if I was interested in running the Columbus Marathon – my hubby encouraged me to say yes, which I did!

I struggled with stomach pain on just about every long run during training. The marathon was no different. The first half went well, but then the temps heated up, the pain settled in and I fell apart. I went into this marathon with a goal to “finish”, so I wouldn’t be disappointed with time, but I really hoped to be under 5 hours.  I did finish, but I wasn’t under 5 hours and for a moment I was disappointed.

After a bit of reflection, I realized that despite my finish time, I did it.  I completed a marathon. I attempted something I never thought I’d accomplish.  And I’m ready to do it again!”

Christine Loncaric, Columbus Half Marathon Finisher

“I ran the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus 1/2 Marathon last Sunday and had a blast! I had my second baby in June and was excited and anxious to get back to running throughout the end of my pregnancy and in the early weeks of recovery once my son was born. When I returned to work after my maternity leave was over there were a handful of my coworkers who were excitedly training for the half and I got bit hard by the racing bug — it didn’t take much encouragement from my running friends to register for the race!
I jammed my training into four short weeks.  I am an avid gym goer, but changed the focus of my workout schedule to be more heavily weighted on running rather than strength training. I got in four “official” long runs before the race, which isn’t ideal for everyone, but worked for me and my current fitness level.
This race weekend is one of my favorite things about living in Columbus. We have such a robust running community here and I was so excited to go to the expo and race with all of the other runners. The energy and enthusiasm is amazing! It was a beautiful morning, but race day temps were unseasonably high, and I was lucky to finish just as the day was really warming up — the conditions got tough out there for the marathoners who were anticipating normal October weather!
My husband, Bob, was my biggest cheerleader on Sunday. He loaded up his bike, dropped me off at the start and followed the self-guided bike tour route provided by the race organizers.  I was able to see him on the sidelines around miles 1, 7.5, 9, and 12.5 which gave me a lot to look forward to during the middle stretch of the race. I didn’t have any friends running at my race pace, so I decided to run with the 4:15marathon Clif Bar Pacer (shout out to Andy!). This was a perfect decision and it was awesome to run with a group and stay on a nice, steady pace (our goal was about 9:44 per mile). My company, Abercrombie & Fitch, sponsored Mile 10 of the race which gave me a perfect mental milestone to get to.  I told myself I would pick up the pace around that point if I was feeling strong. I broke away from the pace group at this point making my last 3 miles my fastest, and I finished at 2:03:24 feeling in high spirits and just tired enough! It wasn’t a PR, but I was running (not “racing”) for fun and am really proud of what I was able to do less than 4 months after having a baby!”


A couple of our running friends also ran the Detroit Half.  They both enjoyed a new course and crossing over into Canada (although the tunnel was hot and crowded!)


Congrats to all the finishers out there.  It is so inspiring to watch and read about runners’ accomplishments.  May you set your sights on new running goals, races & more!

Gildan Esprit de She Columbus 5K/10K

We had a blast last Thursday at the inaugural Gildan Esprit de She 5k/10k.  We had all kinds of fun PRs…

  • Lauren’s last race with baby in belly // #32weeks!
  • Peggy’s new PR for a 10K
  • Teresa’s longest distance and fastest race post-baby
  • Christine’s fastest race post-baby

The course was a nice route starting at Genoa Park and looping around the Scioto Mile and other parts of Columbus. We LOVE the race tanks and really enjoyed the race & after-party.  We of course took lots of photos & hope to do the event next year!



Photo credits to LivingFitColumbus and The Vision Council

Running Field Trip // Columbus Running Co Short North

As we gear up training for some of our fall races (Gildan Esprit de She 5k/10k is next week!), we met up with Columbus Running Co‘s crew last Saturday AM.  CRC offers free group runs at their various locations throughout Cbus and although we’ve joined in on CRC Dublin’s runs a few times, this was our first visit to the Short North location.  Everyone was super friendly and the route was a breath of fresh air, a nice change from our usual out & back up Dublin Rd.  We ventured out of the store, north on High St and jutted over to the Olentangy Trail, turning around at Lane Ave to make the loop back.

It was great seeing new faces, perusing some favorite local brands (CRC carries BEND leggings, and is next door to NATIVE juice bar!) and of course, logging some miles with friends.   Here are a few quick iphone memories from the morning…


We leave you with this quote (pictured above)… “There are no benches in running.”  See you on the trails soon!

Join us for Esprit de She Columbus 5k/10k

Several of us are participating in the inaugural Gildan Esprit de She Columbus 5k/10k on Thurs, Sep 22.  The race is at Genoa Park at 6:30PM and followed by a fun fitness happy hour, live music and more.  Register using the promotional code LivingFitColumbus to earn a $5 discount and let us know to look for you post race!


What is Esprit de She?

Sponsored by Gildan, Esprit de She is “the nation’s premier athletic event series for women.”  We love their #BeYourPotential theme and the positivity that running can bring to a community.  They also put on duals and tris, so check them out!  We heard about the race from one of our favorite Cbus fit gals, Rachel from The Beauty Boost and look forward to seeing her at the race.

Other brands associated with Esprit de She that we love are LifeTime Fitness, Honey Stinger (Esprit de She sponsors) & Under Armor (a brand under licensing agreement with Gildan).

Below is the training schedule we plan to follow leading up to the 10k… modified from their website training plans found HERE.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 8.55.20 AM

Come join us and be ready for some group photos, we don’t go many places without a camera or at least camera phone. 🙂  See you there!