Tour of Columbus [& Running Field Trips]

Each month we will feature a TOUR OF COLUMBUS ~ visiting and reviewing a new fitness location (gym, park, fitness center, etc) in and around Columbus! Our running group will also do a RUNNING FIELD TRIP once per month to check out a new trail. Come join us!

Running tips from Columbus Running Co & a fun family 5K

Dublin, Ohio is home of so many great fitness companies, events, running trails and more.  This weekend we are attending the Dublin 5K and just today, caught an interview on the radio with one of our favorite local brands, Columbus Running Company.

Running tips from E Fruth, CRC [Dublin]

Eric Fruth is the owner of Columbus Running Company Dublin.  We have worked with Eric [a genuinely nice guy!] and have run with CRC’s running group several times in the past. The River 104.9 interviewed him on his running thoughts and we caught them just in time for today’s race!  Here is a recap of Eric’s three takeaway tips for new runners…

  1. Get over the wall of intimidation.  Some new runners may be timid about trying a new activity.  Push aside any doubts or negative thoughts you have and JUST GO FOR IT!  You can do it!
  2. Find the right shoe.  Your body absorbs a lot of shock and pounding during a run.  You have to make sure you’re in the correct fit and cushion for your body, stride, etc!  CRC does custom fitting to get you in the right shoe.
  3. Find a buddy.  Find a friend, join the Cbus Pacers, Living Fit Columbus, The River Runners or any local running group. Running can be a social sport and the company provides added motivation & accountability.


Columbus Running Co. + Dublin 5K = a fun family event! 

Join us tomorrow for the Dublin 5K at Glacier Ridge Metro park.  You can read more details on our previous post HERE or visit the event page HEREDublin 5K-8Event sponsors include…


That’s all for now!  Hope to see you at the Dublin 5K tomorrow morning!

Tour of Columbus [PAI Yoga & Fitness]

[tgellenbeck]  site-logo

We got a fabulous too-good-to-be-true Groupon deal for PAI yoga & fitness and couldn’t resist.  10 classes for $55?!  That’s insane!

We have heard great things about PAI, the owner Chan Hemintranont, and one of the instructors, Kara Lough (who also taught a POGA session this summer).  Leah, Christine, Peggy & I were looking forward to attending and chose the Hot Power Vinyasa L1/2 class.  The description reads;

Challenge yourself with this vigorous class that will leave you feeling stronger, revived and cleansed after the class. Similar to Power Flow class but the studio will be heated between 90-95 degrees to deepen your asana practice so it is important to hydrate well before and after class. Please remember to bring a small towel and at least 20 oz of water.  For experienced beginners who have a good understanding in a foundation in yoga and have a basic awareness of a yogic breathing. Moves at a slightly faster pace than Level 1.

We got there early, as all newbies should, and of course snapped a few pics….


The lobby was nice and smelled of yummy scents, instantly calming us and getting us into the right state of mind.  The receptionist was pleasant and when we told her we were new, she said ‘New to PAI or new to yoga?’ Once we told her, she was relieved 🙂  I think a hot power vinyasa L1/2 class with Chan is not a good place to start total newbies (although I did start some first-timers with Heidi’s mixed class at Harbor a few weeks ago… oops!)

The yoga room was heated and felt awesome.  Chan came right over to us and greeted us, which I always find very welcoming.  Its nice when the instructor, especially the owner, takes the time to encourage new people.  I met some really nice yogis, in fact, more than any other yoga studio I’ve been to.  One girl lives in San Francisco and travels to Columbus for work, another claims she is ‘proptastic’ and had two blocks, a rug and some strappy-looking device I’ve never seen before.  We all chatted for a bit, settled into our mats and quietly awaited our sweat session.


Ready to sweat!

The class was definitely vigorous and several of us dropped to child’s pose a few times to take a break!  Things I loved…

  • Chan circulated the class, guiding and instructing us deeper into our poses and correcting when needed
  • Upbeat music
  • A little slower flow than Harbor, but still a nice steady flow to get your heart pumping
  • Lots of time to play (and watch others play!)
  • Chan’s easy-going, positive attitude ~ she kept reminding us to smile 🙂 and recited several motivational, uplifting quotes

Went home, changed out of my soaking wet clothes and proceeded to rest and chug water.  Another successful yoga class!

I’ll admit, one day later and I’m not nearly as sore as I am after a class with Heidi or Angie at Harbor, but there are always trade offs.  The slower flow allowed me to practice holding poses a bit longer… I felt my legs-a-shakin’!  All in all, I really enjoyed the class and I’ll definitely do more with Chan.

In case you’re curious, here is some more info on her.  Hope to see you on the mat or trail soon!

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 2.05.45 PM

Tour of Columbus ~ Emerald City Quarter [and half] Marathon

Several of our Living Fit Columbus and ptown runners participated in the Emerald City Half and Quarter Marathon yesterday in Dublin.  Our runners all did the quarter and everyone finished strong!


6:30AM and ready to run!

The race is hosted by M3S Sports and the main sponsor this year was Ohio Health.  The pacers were provided by MIT and ours helped us finish ahead of schedule.  Even though Amanda, Teresa, Deedra and Christine all set a new PR, the Snowville Creamery chocolate milk at the end was probably the best thing about the whole day. 🙂

We all had a great race and hope to make it a Living Fit Columbus tradition!

THANK Yoga, tight hips and challenge day 21

Yoga Challenge – Day #21 

[t gellenbeck]

We [hubby, baby & I] started the day with a 3 mile jog and a little yoga/stretching/playing at the park.  Later, an old friend from high school extended an invitation to try a new yoga studio, THANK.  My sister-in-law joined us too.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 9.49.32 AM

 Wish I could say that is me… but it is off the website 🙂  I think its Josie, the owner!

I had high hopes going into it.  My friend used to go to Harbor yoga studio when she worked in Dublin, so I knew we had the same preference of yoga styles.  I’m quickly finding out that every studio and every instructor do things a bit differently and its important to find a style that fits you.  THANK yoga 1

Thank was AMAZING!

The class was a Vinyasa all levels class so you can modify poses and sequences as needed.  The instructor, Melissa, had a funny sense of humor and did a great job of giving ideas for modifications or more advanced options.  She came and personally helped me on two different poses, which is always appreciated.  I used to dislike “getting picked on,” but I now realize they are only trying to help and I enjoy it 🙂

It wasn’t a heated class [at check-in they stated they don’t turn on the heat during the summer] but it was plenty warm and I broke into a sweaty mess.  A nice change from the last few slower classes I attended at POGA and Balanced yoga.  We did a lot of back bends and I got to try a few poses I haven’t tackled in a while including dancer, wild thing and jump throughs.

Thank is located in the Short North on Fifth Ave, just off North High St and is definitely worth checking out!

Tight Hips

Two times in the last week (once at POGA and once tonight at THANK) I was graciously given attention from the instructors during pigeon pose.  Pigeon pose is a hip opener and I apparently have tight hips, common among distance runners, but nothing I can’t work on!  One way to modify is to use a block, which Melissa placed under me.

I hope to blog more about hips, their relationship with running ~ including injury prevention~ and good yoga stretches in the future.  For now, practice your pigeon, lizard and any other pose you like for opening those hips. And check out these articles;



Today’s pose is more of a movement – it is jump through [downward dog to seated].

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.40.36 PMhqdefault

Check out Kino’s how-to video HERE to see how to work up to this move.  We practiced it a few times tonight at THANK!

Follow our yoga challenge from the beginning HERE.


Quote of the day [or evening, rather]:

Melissa, like most yoga instructors, ended the class with prayer and Namaste.  Important that we all know what this means!



Thanks for reading.  Off to get some Zzzzzzzzzs!


Yoga Challenge [Day 9], some speed training & a baby yogi

Day #9

Cuteness alert!!!  Getting ready for yoga practice and this little yogi wanted some mat time…

Baby yogi-1-3


Baby yogi-2

His aunt Carrie taught him downward dog and you can literally say ‘down dog’ and he will assume the position!  He also ran his first mile this week [literally RAN to the park and back!] so he is getting his first pair of running shoes 🙂  Photos to follow.

Today’s workout included a little speed work.  If you haven’t yet added it to your routine, check out some benefits and info in our previous post Speed Training.  Whether you’re training and want to PR or just running for fitness and want to blast some calories, speed training is an excellent way to change up your normal running routine.

The goal was to do 4 x mile repeats or Magic Mile Repeats as Runner’s World calls them.

We ended up with this;

  • One mile warmup at 9:58 (conversational!)  Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 10.07.48 PM
  • One mile at 8:45
  • One mile at 8:32
  • One mile at 8:18
  • 1/2 mile walk/cool-down
  • Post-run yoga cool down and stretch

Speed work is not always fun, but it helps you to build stamina and its nice to PUSH yourself every now and then!

The #IndependenceArmy challenge pose of the day is headstand.  

We practiced a bit yesterday with the pose mixup, but got in a few more minutes on the mat today too.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.40.36 PM


Some of our yoga friends at POGA this summer 

Headstands can be practiced in phases and the beginner one is based on a tripod.  Kino suggests…

  1. First working on upper body/arm strength – she has many videos, including Headstand Strengthening Exercises 
  2. Developing core strength and going half way into the headstand – shown in Core Strength in Headstand
    • variations do occur, but bringing knees to chest [verses kicking legs up] seems to be a more commonly instructed method for beginners
  3. Lastly you are ready to go all the way up, shown with her Headstand for beginners

This is considered one of the more advanced poses, so one to keep working on!

And don’t forget today’s inspiration…



We are almost 1/3 of the way through our 30 day yoga challenge!  If you found this post first, click HERE to start from the beginning of our challenge.

Thanks for reading and hope you are following along and/or setting your own fitness goals and challenges.  Set some goals and then SMASH them!!

See you tomorrow.

Yoga Challenge – Day 8

Day #8

Today we headed to BALANCED YOGA for a Vinyasa class!

Friends have done and suggested several classes here, especially the Baby+Me and Mini+Me yoga.  We’ve heard good things, so we wanted to check it out ourselves.  Balanced is in Clintonville, and offers a wide variety of classes for all levels of yogis.  Their website states, “Not only is yoga good for the mind, bones, muscles, spirit and soul, yoga’s all about the you time.”  Everybody deserves a little you time!


Described as a Vinyasa Class, it was much slower than we are used to at our local spot, Harbor.  I’ve never done meditative yoga or practiced my ‘OMs’ before, but I think this is the type of yoga that would incorporate it.  The instructor spoke a lot during the practice, positive thoughts, quotes, had us envision things, etc.  There was no music for a good chunk of the first part of class and then low-key background music for the remainder of it, allowing for you to focus on your breathing and to be present.  image-7

At the conclusion of the class, we did some wall stretches that were similar to these post-run recovery poses/stretches…

post-run-poses-heroposes above from lulu’s blog via jasyoga

Overall, the class was a bit too slow for me, but we got our yoga practice in for the day and left feeling very relaxed.  And its always fun trying somewhere new!  Great for those wanting to chill and just get in a nice, slower-paced practice… maybe escaping from your faster-paced life.

 ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

The #IndependenceArmy challenge pose of the day is L-sit or hasta dandasana.   That is a mouth full!

We actually thought headstand was the pose of the day when we were at Balanced [oops!], so we had practiced that a bit when the instructor gave us ‘time to play.’

Upon returning home and realizing it was actually L-sit, we attempted it.  Using blocks is helpful for [us] beginners… and that would be helpful if we had blocks!   We found this video from Kino – the first one minute shows how to do the L-sit, although she makes it look easy-peasy.  As with anything, practice makes perfect [see today’s quote below]!

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.40.36 PM


Today’s quote… 


Off to bed!

Tour of Columbus May Highlights

We have been traveling around Columbus trying new fitness activities at a rate that we can’t even keep up with!  Here is a quick recap of some of the places we visited this month [May 2014]…

Orange Theory Fitness DublinOrange-Theory-Fitness

We’ve been to OTF several times now.  We first went as a small group in May 2014 and then again as a larger group in Feb 2015.  Since, we’ve all attended various sessions here and there, with a few gals even joining as members.  We love OTF!  Recaps below.

May 2014

This was a cool experience!  Everyone wears a heart rate monitor.  The
COACH broke the class up into two groups.

Group 1 went to the treadmills.  Here you will do intervals between your base pace [green], push pace [orange] and all-out pace [red].  As the sign said at the entrance, “Fat prepare to die!”  This was the sweaty part and really got our heart rates up, which you can watch on the monitor.

Group 2 did HIIT intervals between the rowing machines and the TRX system.  Again, you can watch your heart rate on the monitor and adjust your effort levels accordingly.

The goal is to build up to being in the ORANGE zone for at least 12 minutes, which keeps your fat burning abilities up for a few hours post workout.  Awesome!

The hardest part was not knowing what comes next, how much there is left to go, etc.  So we didn’t know when to PUSH ourselves at the finish.  This will be easier on a second visit.  At the conclusion of the workout, you get an email itemizing your workout, very interesting and useful.

We enjoyed trying something new and plan to go back!

Feb 2015

A whole slew of us participated this time!  From both experience and word of mouth, we’ve learned that OTF can make us faster & stronger out there on the running trails.  We took this class to push our limits and we did!  We all had a blast and of course, posed for a group photo at the end.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 3.54.58 PM

My personal workout summary is below.  I spent a lot more time in the ‘orange’ zone than last time… 23 minutes in that fat burning zone!  When I go back, I’ll continue to get out of the green and spend more time in orange and red.  Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 3.57.13 PM

Friendship Crossfit 

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 10.54.17 PM

We LOVED this experience.  WODs, weights and calorie-blasting!  Definitely out of my comfort zone, but its always great to push your own personal limits.  If you’re into a little friendly fitness competition, make sure you check this place out.

Girls on the Run 5K

A great cause that we were happy to support and be a part of.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 4.11.49 PM

Stay tuned for more info and updates on our two running groups & new[er] running partners…

  • Thursdays @ 6:30PM in Historic Dublin, in partnership with lululemon athletica Polaris
  • Saturdays @ 9AM in Historic Dublin, in partnership with Winans Dublin

Be sure to follow our blog, find us on Facebook and or request to be added to our e-blasts!  We would love to see new faces at our group runs and/or weekly tours of Columbus!

Have a great week. 🙂

Tour of Columbus ~ The Olentangy Trail

Our Tour of Columbus & Running Field Trip for April was to the Olentangy Trail.  3824992_orig

We stopped by Hills Market after our run.  9662819_orig

Read more about it on in the fitness section HERE!

You can see a recap of all our trips on our Tour of Columbus page.

Our visit to Friendship CrossFit in Dublin (ouch I’m still sore!) and the new Orange Theory Fitness will be coming soon for May, so check back soon!


Tour of Columbus [Harbor Yoga]


I was dreaming about going somewhere warm in the middle of a frigid winter weekend. A beach vacation was my first choice, but not in the budget… enter HOT VINYASA YOGA at Harbor Yoga Studio.  Harbor is located in Historic Dublin and offers various classes throughout the week.

I had one of the best workouts of my life!!! It was warm, relaxing but challenging, and overall an awesome experience. I don’t have much to compare it to [yet], but it definitely changed my mind about yoga being slow, boring and a waste of time!  It was an amazing change from my usual running routine and is an excellent supplement to cross train, prevent injury, stretch, etc. Check out some reasons why HERE.

To explain further, here is a description from their site… “The owners, Heidi and Angie, realized that when you combine fun and funky music with the yoga poses, it challenges a person to move with more purposeful strength and style. This “yogahop” style of yoga is a hybrid of traditional Eastern style yoga with a more Western twist.”

Basically, I was a hot, sweaty mess. And I loved it.

You can register and pay for classes online and all you need is a mat, water bottle and towel.  *Don’t forget to bring water, you’ll need it!*  They currently offer a 14-day unlimited pass for new clients, so you can go as much as you want in the two week trial. They supply lululemon mats if you don’t have your own, but there are a limited amount, so get there early if you need one. I’ll be honest, I tried to use my inexpensive Target mat and it did NOT work! I was so sweaty, I was slipping all over the place! lululemon sure does make a better mat.

If you’re a newbie like me, there is a page on their website that offers helpful tips. Another reason to get there early… so you can hide in the back and not feel like everyone in the room knows that you don’t know what you are doing. 🙂  Although it may be hotter in the back!

One of the owners is a former teacher and a lot of the instructors have education and/or business backgrounds, which I was especially drawn to when reading their bios.


The decor and atmosphere were adorable! The beach-like theme & spa blue colors were inviting & soothing, I may just end up stealing the idea to redo our main bathroom!


I will definitely be going back multiple times. Check it out sometime and as they say in class ‘meet me on the mat!’

2016 update: 

Harbor moved locations – still in Dublin, but now closer to BridgePark than Historic Dublin – has a brand new studio and much better parking! The average temperature during a class in the new studio is 103-104 and it is hotter in the back. Stay by the door if you want a breeze now and then!

Below are some photos from their new studio, taken during a ‘men on the mat’ event with lululemon athletica polaris. See, dudes do yoga too! 🙂

Harbor + lulu-4 Harbor + lulu-5 Harbor + lulu-13 Harbor + lulu-10 Harbor + lulu-19 Harbor + lulu-20 Harbor + lulu-21 Harbor + lulu-22 Harbor + lulu-46

Running Field Trip – Columbus Running Club

We teamed up with Columbus Running Club Dublin, aka the Cbus Pacers, for their St Patty’s Day Run.  It was a GREAT experience!

The FREE group runs start at the store every Saturday morning.  They have multiple pace groups and cover varying mileage.  This week we ran 8 miles on a 4 mile out & back course, although many other runners did mileage according to their own personal running goals.  CRC puts water along the route if you need a little fuel during your run, so we took advantage of that.

Back at the store (after the run), there were goodies including coffee and green snacks, as well as a photo booth type setup to snap a quick picture.  It was sponsored by one of my favorite brands, Saucony.. #FindYourStrong.

It was a fantastic run and we will surely meet up with them each season for some of our longer runs.  Thanks CRC!

Joined up with CRC for a day!

Joined up with CRC for a day!

Previously Posted on March 14:

We will normally do our ‘Running Field Trip’ on the last Saturday of the month, however, tomorrow is Dublin’s St Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 11.15.17 AMPatty’s Day Parade, so Historic Dublin will not be a good place to run…

Join us for our first of many field trips!


  • When ~ Saturday, March 15 @ 8AM
  • Where ~ meet @ Columbus Running Company in Dublin  | 6465 Perimeter Drive | Dublin, OH 43016
  • Mileage ~ 7-8 miles if training for the Cap City Half
  • Paces include SEVERAL!  CRC has a lot of different pace leaders, we are excited to check it out!

2525123 Run CAP CITY with us  Our Living Fit Columbus running group is training for the Cap City Half Marathon this spring.  Half details…

  • Register soon ~ The event may sell out!
  • Join our team #LivingFitColumbus when you register (sorry, no incentives, just social support!)
  • Stay tuned for Half Marathon training tips on the blog and at the group run each week